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Upper Beaconsfield SMS Notification System –
Updated (Dec 2013)
The Upper Beaconsfield SMS Emergency Alert System has changed its name to the
Upper Beaconsfield SMS Notification System so as not to create any confusion with
the Governments Emergency Alert System.
Emergency Alert is the national telephone warning system. Anyone near an emergency
will receive a text message on their mobile phone. Previously, emergency alert
messages were sent to mobile phones with a registered address in the emergency area,
meaning tourists, workers or other visitors from outside the area would not receive any
warnings. It is one of many ways emergency service organisations such as police, fire
and state emergency services, can use to warn a community of likely or actual
Emergency Alert is not used in all circumstances. Whether an emergency services
organisation decides to issue telephone warnings through Emergency Alert will
depend on the nature of the incident. The warning system sends voice messages to
landline telephones and text messages to mobile telephones within a specific area
defined by the emergency service organisation issuing the warning message, about
likely or actual emergencies such as fire, flood, or extreme weather events.
The Upper Beaconsfield SMS Notification System is very different and does not in
any way replace the Governments Emergency Alert System. It is subscribed to by over
850 residents and is a volunteer community run notification system. To receive any
information from the Upper Beaconsfield Notification System you must first be a
registered user. The Upper Beaconsfield System uses a commercial SMS service
(messagemedia) to send an SMS to all registered mobile phone numbers and ring all
registered landline number and deliver a voice message. This is done automatically
and simultaneously.
Who manages the system?
The administration side of the system is managed by the Upper Beaconsfield
Community Centre Inc. The Community Centre manage the database of phone
numbers and hold the money paid by residents on trust. The operation side of the
system is co-ordinated by a number of local residents and volunteers who have the
ability to send notifications should they be required. Some of these organisers are local
CFA members, Fire Guard Group Co-Ordinators and other responsible local residents.
How do I know if my number is registered properly?
Every December a TEST message will be sent to all registered phones (landlines
& mobiles). It will confirm with residents that your number has been recorded
correctly. If you do not receive a message then your number is not recorded correctly
and you should contact the Community Centre to have it corrected.
What information will be provided?
Information sent out will be advice in relation to Fire Danger Periods, Ensuring
residents are aware of upcoming Extreme and Code Red Days, notification of
community meetings relating to fire and any other messages that relate directly to the
Upper Beaconsfield Community. It is up to each resident to follow the progress of an
incident and make their own decision’s as to their course of action.
Can I rely on this service for notification of a bushfire?
NO. You cannot rely on any one information source. The official “Emergency Alert”
system will provide you with as much information as possible when there is a bushfire,
but it is important to understand that bushfires can spread quickly threatening lives and
property within minutes. If a fire starts nearby you may not receive an official
warning before it impacts you.
The official Emergency Alert system will only send messages to mobile phones within
the geographical area determined by the CFA. If your phone, or your billing address,
are outside the nominated area at the time of an incident you will not be sent a message
under the government system.
CFA’s Leave Early Policy is very clear that you may not be given warning of a fire
and will never be told when to evacuate. Residents should have a Fire Plan well before
a threat. It should NOT be relied upon and you should NOT remain in the area in the
expectation that you will receive a warning from this or any other information source.
What do I do in an emergency?
Call Triple Zero 000 to report an emergency. In the event of a fire monitor ABC radio
774 and official internet sites such as CFA or the Bushfire Information Line 1800 240
How do I change my information, opt in or out of the system?
The administration of the system is being managed by the Upper Beaconsfield
Community Centre Inc. If your details change ensure they are updated. If you wish to
join contact community centre with name, address and phone numbers and provide $5
for each phone number. If you wish to opt out also contact the Community Centre.
Address: 10-12 Salisbury Road, Upper Beaconsfield 3808
Phone: 59443484
Further Information:
 Attend the Upper Beaconsfield Fire Ready Victoria Meetings on at the fire
station and at the school. These will be advertised throughout the village and in
the school Newsletter.
 Contact the Upper Beaconsfield Community Centre ph: 5944 3484
 Information on the Government “Emergency Alert” system is on the CFA
Ed Keon-Cohen – Upper Beaconsfield SMS Notification Coordinator
Ellisa Borne – Community Education Coordinator, CFA Southern Metro Region
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