Dear family

Dear family!
My name is Anton Beata- Betty, if you preferred. I’m a 21 years
old girl, living in a village called SANZIENI (Romania) with my family,
we just moved here, before we lived in the town. I can’t said that I’m
not happy here, but all my friends are there and is not a problem…I can
visit them when I have time. I’m a well- educated girl, and I proud of my
parents and for everything that they done for me and my sister to, and
being what we are today! I never complained nothing, I know that when
I was little I wasn’t a good kid(I was just a kid), but now I grow up and I
want to have my own life and now is my turn to help them! I think that
all the time people’s herd’s from others that “don’t be sad, everything will
be okay, and cheer up! I’m not a judging person I am just optimistic and
I know that what kind of life we had in Romania…it’s something
What should know about me is that I’m realistic, honest, respectful,
funny, punctual, mature, generous, lovely person and kids love me( is a
experience..a lovely one). I have 10 cousins, they are like my sisters and
brothers, we have a good relation, but some of them are far from us. I
can’t say that taking care for a kid it could be named a hobby….because
children’s are not some toys, or a game like volley, that someday u start
to play and tomorrow u finished because u are tired of playing. Kid’s
needs more attention than “what should wear tonight”. I love them, if I
had the possibility to take care of 2-3-4…. Kids, I would! Is not a big
burden.(= it’s only my opinion, and my way of thinking,…sorry if I’m a
little bit harsh). But it’s time to write something else…like what I like
and what not…I like climbing, listening to music, cycling, to make some
sport’s like running, playing handball, volley, reading novels, watching
movies( comedy. thriller, fantasy, animation)) and to try extreme sports
like bungee jumping!!!,and what I doesn’t like is LYING..:( I’m an open
person. Friendly honest….and if I share this with others why others use
me…I never find an answer for this!
In my free time (which I had enough) I take care for 2
kid’s(boys),they name are Csaba(7) and David(5), Csaba is in the first
grade so I help him with homework’s, reading….he has problems with the
Romanian language, and I help him because in our village are just few
Romanian families like us( my mother is Hungarian and my father
Romanian), and is a pleasure if I can teach him the correct
pronunciation and this will be a good help for him…and meanwhile
David is with us and he also doing something like drawing. They are two
clever boys. There was a time when I was taking care of my 2 years old
cousin ANNA, she is a wonderful and cute girl, and her mother never
complained about anything, but now she’s in kinder garden.
Being a student is not an easy “job”, and all weekend I was working
as a waitress in a restaurant, they wasn’t paid me as I wanted but those
money was enough for buying something, and my parents and my
grandparent helped me and thanks’ for them! I have earned some
money and my aim is to take part of this program Au pair and to go in
UK. This would be one of the best possibility when I could improve my
English skills to meet new friends, new peoples new tradition and I want
to see the whole world not just Romania and Italy, because the books ,
the TV, newspaper ,internet were the single sources where I read about
I have experience in childcare between 3-13,14 and I’m prepared to
be an Au Pair and to take care of your kids, if you have also pets it
would be awesome! I would like to take care of them even if you are
home, and I would work between 30 hours or over 30 /week and I also
help you in the kitchen, in the garden and make some plus works if you
Thank you for reading my letter and thanks for your patient too,
and I wish that you and your family will like my letter and even me
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Your sincerely: Betty
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