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Benjamin Mathew story

English 10h
Benjamin Mathew
Sunday school competitions
If you think all we do is fix computers and sell stuff at the gas station
you are almost completely wrong! There are a couple things that let you
know that you are an Indian kid. First things first, if you’re not a
doctor, lawyer or an engineer you’re automatically a disgrace to the
family. As far back as I could remember about 10 years ago, I could
remember going to these competitions for religion called Pentecostal
Youth Fellowship New Jersey and New York (PYFNJNY). I would go to a
church filled with kids ranging from 5 to 24 years old participating in
these competitions. I was the youngest one there and you don’t even
want to know what would happen if I came second place for any of my
events. Let me break this down for you, the events were memory, Bible
quiz, singing (I suck at singing) and playing the piano. My competition
was against kids from 5 to 7 years old. Trust me when they called my
name to go next on stage, I was peeing my pants. I was so scared my
ears looked like they were dipped in red paint. As I stood in front of
100s of people I just saw my parents sitting in the front row with their
cameras pointing at me. I sang my song as best as possible, which was
in a different language called Malayalam. I was positive I got 1st in my
group because all the other kids didn’t know how to sing in Malayalam
and all the judges that were at the competition gave more points to the
kid who sang in Malayalam. Coming in 2nd place was the worst thing, but
somehow, I came in 1st place and crushed everyone. When my brother
and I would compete in the same group we would both share 1st place
except for one time because he did better than me in one thing. I was
the happiest kid that day, but for some reason I was a little envious
that my brother did better than me. For the next 10 years my brother
and I would compete in PYFNJNY and earn 1st place, but every year the
competition had less and less kids. I remembered when earning 1st place
was so hard, but now earning 1st place just became like a up the sleeve
thing where I could just pull out a 1st place trophy. I would come back
every year with 8-10 trophies and I had the biggest smile on my face.
Chapter 2
Starting at 7 years old my brother has always been speaking in front of
others and preaching the Bible to our church and other churches, couple
of times he got invited to speak at a youth convention. Well I was the
dumb kid in the family, I was shy, and I never really liked talking to
other people. Often my parents always compared me to my brother
which was sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. I was
never into speaking or any religious stuff. I always sat in the front row
in church and I was the only one to be snoring. My parents would give
me a 35-minute speech on how I should listen to the pastor and be more
religious. I was the type of kid who loved sports and HATED reading,
but I don’t know somethings changed when I entered high school. Let’s
not get into high school drama yet because that will take about 400
hours to explain. Anyways, back to what I was saying, church was never
really my thing, I was used to eating sugary things and playing games
and beating my brother in checkers. I don’t know why, but as I got
older, I became lazier and more stupid. Let’s talk about elementary,
man was elementary the worst. Normally kids would talk about how they
had the best time in elementary and the had sleeping/nap time during
the school day, well yeah that was all fun, but I got bullied the most in
school. I was a tall skinny Indian kid who tried to play sports. I tried to
fit in with the so-called cool kids, but that went downhill fast. At my
school we had a 6 ½ foot hoop and a 10-foot hoop. All the cool kids
played at the big hoop while I played at the 6 ½ foot hoop by myself. I
had a lot of fun because I was able to dunk on the small hoop, but all
that fun changed when some kid came and pulled my pants down, I was
humiliated, ashamed, and made fun of because first I got pantsed then
everyone saw my spider man underwear. Still to this day people tell me
sometimes “hey Ben, you remember that time you got pantsed”. Well too
bad all the kids that bullied me then might have called me names that I
never wished to hear but let me tell I can beat up every kid that bullied
me back then.
Chapter 3
Where were we? Oh yeah now I remember, I was entering my first day
of middle school and it was the best feeling ever. I finally felt like a
cool kid and it was amazing. You know what was not so amazing, seeing
my schedule. My brother is only 2 years older than me, so he was in the
eighth grade. I went to all my classes, but the most confusing and
hardest thing was opening my locker. I loved 6th grade other than a few
couple things and people but trust me 7th grade and 8th grade were the
worst. I had some of the worst years of my life in middle school. You
know what happened? I got suspended twice in 7th grade, man it was
crazy. Some kid on my bus slapped me in the face for no reason and my
policy was if someone hits you, you got to beat their bums.
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