Newsletter for May 2015

May 2015
Principal Jackie Firlotte
Edition 49
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From Contentment with Little comes Happiness. African Proverb
No School on Monday, May 11th for Teachers Council and Monday, May 18th - Victoria Day
Canada Wide Science Fair at the UNB Currie Centre on May 15th
The Grades 5 to 8 students have been selected by the District to attend this first time in its 50 year history to take place
in Fredericton. The students will view National exhibits from Grades 7 to 12 students and also participate in hands on
Science activities related to future Science careers. Information and permission slips were sent home today.
UNB World’s Unbound
UNB Engineering and Science students will be doing fun educational activities with all students at our school on the
afternoon of Friday, May 15th. The Grades 5 to 8 students will return in time to participate.
Family Fun Night Thank You!
Wow! What a Community fun night that was! Thanks to all your support, the school raised $3,058.00 double from last
year’s. The staff worked many hours under the leadership of Mrs. Keys and Mrs McLeod along with Mrs. Boreland that
organized the Bouncy Castles. Mrs. Chetwyn and her team worked relentlessly preparing the cotton candy just to
name a few. The goal was to ensure this was the best FFN ever of which it was! Thanks to the Community for all their
items that were donated for the Chinese Auction. Mrs. Cronkhite and Mrs. Jewett worked countless hours to organize
this real treasure area! Thanks to the Home & School and their numerous volunteers that worked diligently in the
canteen that raised $430.44. The Keswick Ridge Fire Crew with their equiment was a great hit along with Quilly’s
Bouncy Castles that both offered fun for all ages! Again, thank you all for your amazing support!
Provincial Assessment
Grade 2 Literacy Reading and Grade 6 Reading, Math and Science Assessnent will be held from May 21st – 28th.
Pre-Kindergarten Orientation
Will be held on Wednesday, May 13th from 8:15 to 11. The children will have the chance to enjoy a morning in
Kindergarten with their new friends. Could you please pass this message to anyone who has a child starting school in
September, 2015 that has not yet registered. Thank You!
Spring Tea
Mr. Zatt is preparing for this special event to be held on Tuesday, May 26th from 12:30 to 1:30. The Home & School will
have baked goods to be enjoyed. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Glee Club Returns!
With the support of Michelle Cunningham and Mrs. Keys we are going to make a music video this year for the talent
show. Starting next Thursday, May 14th at lunch (12:45-12:15) we invite any students interested in making a music
video to come out to glee club. May 14th, 21st, 28th at lunch we will learn some easy choreography and lip sync a
song on various sets at the school. The children will have a lot of fun seeing the final video at the talent show.
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Invitation
This invitation is for all parents that volunteered in some capacity during the year. The staff want to recognize you for
all you do to make KRS a wonderful school such as donating items, volunteering your time at school or as a Home &
School or PSSC member. Your support is most appreciated and our staff are looking forward to meeting with you in our
library on Wednesday, June 10th from 7:45 to 9:15. Come and enjoy a well deserved relaxing breakfast chatting with
staff and friends.
Literacy Lead
We are pleased to welcome back Jane Grinstead who will be working mornings at KRS from May 4th to the 15th.
Salmon Hatchery
We are excited to announce that we now have baby salmon that are swimming attached to their egg as feed. The
students in Mme Leblanc’s class and other visiting students are excited to see this new stage of the salmon cycle.
Catriona Le May Doan
Skyped with the Grade 5 and Middle School students on April 9 th. Olympian Speed Skater champion from
Home & School Meeting
Will be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 6:30. All parents are invited to attend.
PSSC Meeting Meeting
Will be held on Thursday, May 28th.
Zaatmosphere News and Music Festival
The students are busily working on their songs for the upcoming Spring Tea of which you will definitely enjoy. We have
a varied selection of music to match all taste! We are also learning about the group "Playing for Change" which is a
multimedia organization dedicated in supporting music education programs. They cover familiar songs using artists
from all around the world. Please check out for more information.
Beaverbrook Art Gallery After School Art Program at KRS
We have 22 Grades 3 to 8 artists participating in this enriching program. On Tuesdays, Mrs. Brewer transforms Mme
Leblanc’s class into an art gallery and the students have been creating amazing pieces of art with various media.
Travel Club going to Saint John
A program organized by Susan McArthur has 15 students from Grades 5 to 8 attending. They will be enjoying various
curriculum related activities on June 5th and 6th.
Snider Mountain Camp
The Grade 5 students will be attending this Camp in Sussex from May 25 th to the 27th. This Camp is sponsored by the
Canadian Parents for French which will enhance their Intensive French program. The students will be sharing the bus
with Keswick Valley students. They have been fundraising throughout the year. Their next fundraiser is a Spring cleanup to be held at Valley Vetenarian on Wednesday, May 20th. This Friday the will be selling Freezies for $1.00. They
want to thank the Community for bringing their recyclables at Family Fun Night.
Winner of the Portrait donated by Donna Bird
Was won by Tina LeJeune, owner of Issac’s Way. This fundraiser added $190.00 to the Grade 5 trip. A special thank you
to Donna for all her support with the Art Smart program and helped transform Mme Leblanc’s class into an amazing art
exhibition. Her endless support was most appreciated!
Track and Field
The Middle School will be participating on June 1st with raindate on June 2nd. The Elementary Students will be
participating on June 4th with raindate June 9th. Further information will be sent home.
Curling Sets
Thanks to H&S for purchasing a set and the school has purchased another. We now have three sets for our students to
enjoy. Mr. McNutt is pleased because he can now provide full curling lessons during Phys. Ed. class.
Volley ball and the new Jerseys
The Players have been beaming with pride as they play Volleyball with their beautiful new reversible jerseys with the
Raiders blue and gold school colors. Thanks to the Keswick Pharmacy – you’re awesome!
The Girl’s last game will be held today, May 5th at Keswick Valley School and the Boy’s will play their last tomorrow at
KVS. They have been an amazing Raider team and thanks to the dedication of the fine coaches – Mr. McNutt, Mrs.
Stehouwer, Mrs. Boreland, Mme. Leblanc and Sandy Brewer.
Thank you for your support with Book Fair
Congratulations to Tyler Ouellette in Mrs. Boreland's class on winning $25.00 in books from the Book fair & $25.00 in
books for his classroom. The teachers donated their $25.00 of books they usually receive for their class and made two
lovely book baskets that were in the Chinese Auction at Family Fun Night. We reached our quota at the book fair with
total sales of $1911.15 and will now receive 50% of the profits in books for our library!
Destiny for the Library
Our library has been selected to participate in an automated program in the Fall. This will be excellent for tracking
books and simplifying Mrs. Coffee’s job!
Awards Ceremony
Will be held on Wednesday, June 17 starting at 8:30. The awards are offered to selected grades 3 to 8 students for
their outstanding achievements. All students will be in attendance and all parents are welcome to attend. If your child
is receiving an award you will be contacted in advance.
Year End Picnic sponsored by Home & School and talent show
Will be held on Tuesday June 16th with raindate on Thursday June 18th.
Intramural Castle Ball Gr 5-8 on Tuesday’s
Students have been enjoying this program with Mr. Shanks at noon and he will soon be starting another program for
the Grades 3 & 4 students.
Turn Around Award
We are proud to announce that Emily Allen, our Grade 8 student received this award at a recent Ceremony at the
Crowne Plaza. In attendance was Emily with her mother, her two grandmothers along with Mrs. Stehouwer and Mrs.
Firlotte who were all beaming with pride for Emily. Congratulations Emily on this amazing award!
Grade 8 FHS Orientation and Field Trip for Grades 7 & 8
On Tuesday, May 19th the Grade 8 students will be attending FHS for an information visit. During that time the Grades
7 & 8 will be visiting the Art Gallery and War Museum which is relevant to their Curriculum. The Grade 8 students will
then join them at the Legislative Assembly to view a session in progress relevant to their Social Studies curriculum.
Noon Hour Activity Club for the K-2 students with Mrs Keys Class
Is offered on Friday’s at noon by student leaders in her class. This is open to all interested K-2 students.
Lisa Griffen, Children’s author was a great success
The students enjoyed her enthusiasm and interactive activities during her book share. Thanks to Mrs. Keys for
organizing her sisters visit. For further information please visit her website at:!/Current_Project.
Senior Choir were amazing at Festival on April 24th
Our Grades 3 to 8 students received a great adjudication which was well deserved and we were very proud to receive.
Thank you Mr. Zaat for the great musical selection “Lean on Me” and your guitar accompaniment.
Swimming program for the Grades 3 & 4 students
The students are having a wonderful experience at the Fredericton Indoor Pool on Thursday mornings. They have two
more lessons to be held on May 7th and 14th.
Future Goals for Grades 5 & Middle School
KRS has been selected to participate in this National program sponsored by the National Hockey League. This program
is offered to the Grade 5 and Middle school students and provides curriculum related on-line courses with subjects in
technology safety, financial concepts, career exploration along with math and science courses. A great learning tool for
our students.
Youth Fun Run (ages 5 to 14 years)
On Saturday, May 9th, there will be a 1km and 3km run just for kids! You can register for the run on the day of the event in the
Ballroom at the Fredericton Convention Centre, Fredericton from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. It's only a toonie ($2.00) to participate in this fun
event. The run will take place on the trail behind the Crowne Plaza, starting at 2:00 pm. Mom and Dad can run too .... if they can keep up!
For more information visit::
Resort to Quilting
Quilt Show will be held at the Riverside Resort on Friday, May 23rd from 10 to 8 and Saturday, May 23rd from 10-4. On
site will be vendors, demos, Kings Landing, quilts trunk show and more! For more information please go to :
Children’s Golden Books to donate?
If you have any of these children books or other similar story books that are not being used could you please send them
in with your child. Thank You!
Tuesday Sport Night (ages 11 and under)
Sport night is for children aged 11 and younger and their parents. The Spring Term starts on Tuesday, April 14th running
from 6:30 - 7:30pm. There will be 2 weeks of gymnastics, 3 weeks of organized games (dodgeball, soccer) and 3 weeks
of track and field. Cost is a mere $40/family. This is a program of the Keswick Recreation Association. Registration is
on the KRA website
Can Ice Donations
We are still inviting you to support our Synthetic Ice project in any way you can. If your employer or a business you
know would be willing to donate for this great project it would be most appreciated. The Home & School and PSSC are
also in full support. Thank you for your help in attaining our goal of KRS having an indoor year round ice rink.
Don’t Miss the KRS Market - Entrepreneurial Adventures on Saturday, May 30th 10-2pm
The middle school students have been busy working on their businesses and learning just how much is involved in
running their own company, including design, promotion, costs, contacting suppliers, problem solving and working
together respectfully.
There are 6 exciting businesses in the class. SOE produces custom Adirondack chairs. Sketchez produces comic books.
Pet Toys ‘R’ Us makes pet toys. Card Kidz Ink makes trading cards. The Survival Kit makes wood survival kits. And
Swing Central makes custom wooden swings. Check out the school website on Friday, May 8th to view pictures of the
The goods produced by the students can be purchased by the community and all funds raised will be donated to
charities – CHAT to the Future, which supports the building of schools in Uganda and Hope for Wildlife, a wildlife rescue
establishment based in the Maritimes.
Please plan to attend our KRS Market at the school on Saturday, May 30 from 10am – 2 pm to purchase these great
products for good causes. See you there
Guidance Corner-Mr. Van Stone
Hello everyone! April turned out to be yet another great month at the school. I have now completed most of my
classroom presentations (K-8) on the 7 habits of Highly Effective People. Each presentation has focused on one of the
seven habits and students have had opportunities to practice those habits in various settings. As well, the
Entrepreneurial Adventure program continues to go well at the middle school level where Ms. Stehouwer and I are
working with students on their products for an upcoming market.
Next, the PBIS committee (Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports) made up of school staff members are
working on putting strategies in place that focus on behavior management and reduction within the classrooms is up
and running. At our last staff meeting several of our members presented to the rest of staff on how we address a
specific behavior in our classrooms. The rest of staff shared some of their ideas as well. The goal is to promote as much
as possible a Professional Learning Community at our school in the area of behavior management/reduction.
Wishing everyone a wonderful May and enjoy the warmer weather!
Bruce Van Stone
Did you know?
Several important vaccines are offered to students in grades 7 and 9 in New Brunswick
These vaccines are free
These vaccines are given at the school by Public Health Nurses
The following vaccines are available to students entering grade 7 or 9:
Grade 7
All students are offered a vaccine that protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and
(whooping cough).
Female students only are offered a vaccine that protects against the human papillomavirus (HPV),
which is the leading cause of cervical cancer. It will also protect them against viruses responsible for
90 percent of all genital warts.
Grade 9
All students in grade 9 are offered a vaccine that protects against 4 types of meningitis.
Tourism NB
Summer is coming, and as Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture I encourage you and your family to
vacation in our beautiful province and to use our new responsive tourism website to help plan your stay.
This summer I will be visiting our many great attractions and enjoying celebrations at a number of festivals
and events throughout our province. I look forward to seeing many of you along the way!
Hon. Bill Fraser
May Calendar of Events
 May 5th – Home & School Meeting
 May 7th – Grade 3&4 swimming
May 11th – No School for Teacher Council Day
May 12th – After School Art Gallery program
May 13th – Pre-Kindergarten Orientation
May 14th – Glee Club
May 14th – Grade 3 & 4 swimming
May 15th – Grade 5 and Middle School attend UNB National Science Expo
May 15th - UNB World’s Unbound
May 18th – Victoria Day – no school
May 19th – After School Art Gallery program
May 19th – Grade 8 FHS Orientation and Grade 6&7 Field trip
May 20th – Grade 5 Spring Clean Up
May 21st – 28th Provincial Assessment
May 21st – Glee Club
May 26th – Spring Tea
May 26th – After School Art Gallery program
May 28th – Glee Club
May 28th – PSSC Meeting
June 1st – Cross Country for Middle School - Rain date 2nd
June 4th – Cross Country for Elementary – Rain date 9th
June 10th – Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
June 16th – H&S Year End Picnic & Talent Show Rain date 18th
June 17th – Awards Ceremony
June 19th – Last day of school
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