Moomba Park Tennis Club Inc

Fawkner Junior Tennis Tournament #4
An ETM Tennis Tournament
Q. What is an ETM tournament?
A. Equal Time & Match Play.
Put simply, ETM tournaments have the following guidelines in place during all organized tournaments.
1. This ETM tournament is a Round Robin Format giving every player the same amount of matches on the court. Every
player is grouped into a draw to play against every other player in that draw once to determine the winner of that
group. If there are two groups then one winner from each group will play off for the overall age group winner. All other
players in each group will also have a play off to determine final group finishing positions.
2. ETM events are either run over a two to three day period which includes at least one weekend day so parents can
have better access and availability at getting to ETM tournaments. There are no five day commitment tournaments.
3. There are no events held on long weekends or during local competition weekends so it does not interfere with club
competitions or other OJT point’s tournaments & club championship or club events.
4. Matches are scheduled in a block time format of between 3 to 4 hour time periods and are not spread out over the
whole duration of the tournament. There is no match overloading so players are not waiting around for hours between
matches and players will complete all their round robin matches within their block time allocated to that group.
5. We utilize a simple tournament system by calculating the number of courts we have at each tournament venue by
the number of events we have and take into account the time allocated for each set to start and finish.
Where is the tournament being held?
Moomba Park TC, entrance is 276 McBryde Street, into Moomba Park Reserve, Fawkner
What are the dates of this tournament?
Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of October, 2015
Tournament Rules & Conditions
 Players may enter a maximum of two events which is two singles events for this ETM event.
 The full draw for each event will be available online on Wednesday 30th September, 2015
 Failure to turn up to a designated match on time or at all will result in a forfeit of that match at the
discretion of the tournament manager. If you are unable to attend your match you must call the
tournament manager as soon as possible so other matches can be rescheduled for other players.
 Jesse Laino - Tournament Manager: 0423 382 268
 Trophies will be awarded for winners and runners up in all conducted events and the tournament
director has the right to re-schedule, combine or cancel events depending on entries. Players must abide
by Tennis Australia’s Code of Conduct at all times during the tournament.
 Parents are not allowed on the tennis courts at any stage before, during or after the match and no
coaching or communication with players is allowed during any match at any time.
 A canteen facility will operate during the tournament which also includes coffees, latte, hot
chocolates, tea, muffins and slices.
Paper Entry Form
First Name: ___________________________________ Surname: ___________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Suburb: ________________________________ Postcode: ________________ DOB: ____________________
Mobile: _____________________________________ Club Name: ___________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Current Section or Grade: _______________________________ Association: __________________________
Event No.
Event Name
Entry Fee
Total Fee
By signing this form I agree to abide by the conditions, rules and regulations.
Players signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________
Event No.
Event Name
Entry Fee
Boys 10/U Singles - Round Robin (Green Ball)
Girls 10/U Singles - Round Robin (Green Ball)
Boys 11/U Singles - Round Robin
Girls 11/U Singles - Round Robin
Boys 12/U Singles - Round Robin
Girls 12/U Singles - Round Robin
Boys 14/U Singles - Round Robin
Girls 14/U Singles - Round Robin
Boys 16/U Singles - Round Robin
Girls 16/U Singles - Round Robin
Boys 18/U Singles - Round Robin
Girls 18/U Singles - Round Robin
Entries close: Tuesday 29th September, 2015
Post all mail entries with cheques payable to Jesse Laino: P.O Box 1299, Epping Vic 3076
Mobile: 0423 382 268 Email: [email protected]
You may also enter this tournament online by entering this web address:, then do a
postcode search of 3060 and find the current dated tournament.
This tournament is proudly supported by;
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