School council meeting on 12th January 2015

Principal Susan Warrick, Vice-Principal April Zeleny, Council Chair Moneet Dogra, Riyaz Patel
Meeting Minutes – 12th January 2015 at 6PM
1. Move-a-thon - Results and Purchases
a. $6930 raised
b. Grade 5 writing thank you notes to donors
c. Priority: Technology, laptops are getting heavy usage compared to desktop
d. With funds raised, school will order 7 Laptops and 3 iPads
e. Strongest fund raiser so far
f. Most parent liked the $20 suggestion and donated accordingly
2. Teacher Release - Number Talks
a. All teachers got time to do it and will now do it in all the classes
b. Quick 10-15mins, 2-3 times a week in all classes
c. Everyone shares strategies, promoting different approaches
d. Using different strategies, explaining their thinking
3. Wellness Day - parent volunteers/lead activity
a. A de-stressor
b. What can you do for down time
c. Planning to invite parents to share their strategies and activity for kids to learn
d. Planning date, was in May last year
e. Kids loved it last year
4. Numeracy conference info
a. Parent workshop, registration opens on Feb 2
b. Venue is in Brampton, Fletchers Meadow Secondary School
5. Guest speaker Feb. 19th- flyer, food, costs
a. Dr. Cathy Marks Krpan – confirmed 19th February @ 7pm for 45mins talk plus Q&A
b. Speaker cost is $800 plus mileage
c. We have $1000 budget which should cover the total cost
d. Need to do photocopying and food (coffee + snack + bottled water)
e. Last year we had 30 people
f. Need to make a flyer for the event
g. Have to make sure, no children for undivided attention from parents
i. If providing child care, we have to make sure to have pre-register to have proper
ii. Will check with Elaine, Saira (Settlement coordinator) for sources of certified
baby sitter students looking for community hours
h. Come up with title for the event
i. Food purchased for the event to be on a separate receipt (not with personal grocery)
j. Flyer to go out by 22nd January
6. Last School Council meeting scheduled for April 27th @ 6.15pm