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Summaries of China-America Relation
Name: Jiena Chan
Email: [email protected]
School: Harbin University of Science and Technology
Summaries of China-America Relation
Abstract: As the penetration of globalization, the interdependence is going deeper
between countries, the Sino-US relation can be said as one of the most important
bilateral relations in the world. With the improvement of mechanical degree, the
cooperation between China and America in politics、economy and culture become
closer and wider. The passage mainly narrates the past、present and future situation in
China-America relation by bringing out facts and reasons in various fields. Promoting
healthy development between countries is not only the general affairs for government
officials, but also matters our average people. We university man should start
cultivating sense of responsibility from focusing the country currency.
Keywords: Sino-US relation 、 globalization 、 win-win cooperation 、 political
Introduction: When it comes to the topic of Sino-US relation, everyone has seen its
great change, especially after the China established its diplomatic relation with
America in 1979 .Enduring more than 30 years' ups and downs, the changing situation
has continued, adding new substance to our relations. China and America have
benefited a lot in this kind of Win-Win cooperation.
The research and development of bilateral relation between two countries are mainly
carried out by strengthening collaboration in politics、economy and culture. In politics,
as we all know, America is superpower in developed countries, while China acts as
the largest developing country. The relation is shaping and influencing the whole
international environment in a way, especially on the international economy、politics
as well as the security of the Asian-Pacific region. With all of these episode analysis,
we can know that the cooperation between China and US is of great significance. As
in the political region, the relation in economy and trade is the most important part in
bilateral cooperation, what’s more, it’s playing more and more complicated role. After
the financial crisis breaking out in 2008, capitalist countries such as Greece and Spain
could not escape the fate of bankruptcy. The bad effect of financial crisis on the
capitalist countries is far more serious than it on the socialist state. Grasping the
chance to seek for development with each other becomes two government officials’
imminent task in the future, so is the research of bilateral relation between two
countries. In comparison to another two fields, the relation in cultural communication
is of the longest stand, which can date back to the time before China establishing its
diplomatic relation with America in 1979. However, some activities about cultural
exchange took place in recent years are known to people much more, such as the
hosting of projects like Chinese Bridge and Confucius Institute. More and more
Chinese student go to American university to learn advanced science and technology.
In a word, it holds great meaning for us to pay attention to the state affairs. We young
college students, as the future successor of state and society, have a great
responsibility to build a better and more harmonious country. Advancing parallel and
bilateral relationship with America, the most developed country in the world, appears
particularly significant.
1. The political level of bilateral relation
America is the greatest developed country while China becomes the largest
developing country in the world. As one of members in influential state, the
orientation of relation between China and America catch the whole world’s attention
for the following four reasons:
1. China and America act the role of pushing forward global economy;
2. China and America as well as other form of government like European Union
countries consist of the parallel trend of world multipolarization and single
3. China and America are the maker and performer of international order;
4. China and America keep their duties respectively on global hot topic and
international problem.
After the end of cold war, especially after the world entered a new century, the
Sino-US relation will certainly develop on a larger scale, both in breadth and depth,
proceeding all-round grand matching. Growing with global influence and strategic
significance, the Sino-US relation has outlasted conventional bilateral relations. At the
same time, China and the United States have wide and important common strategic
interest in safeguarding world peace and promoting mutual development. China and
America shouldn’t only develop the relation at the immediate stake, but also be the
constructive partner. The international situation at the present time is globalization, as
the rapid growth of globalization, there exist two factors which play more and more
important role in bilateral relation. One of them is increasing interdependence, it can
be seen from the growing interdependence between trade and capital; on the other
hand, it promotes the consciousness of sharing common destiny while the other is the
enhancement of regulation. And because of the booming growth of technology、
information and productivity, the whole world has formed a huge community,
reaching a high point of globalization. The globalization strengthen comprehensive
power of the two countries, increase interdependence between two countries, improve
objective need in two countries’ collaboration, promote interaction between China and
America. However, the remaining differences in ideology、value perception and
political system will be loom larger in the situation of globalization. Despite all of
these shortcomings, the advantages of globalization outweigh the disadvantages. In
the end, we can learn that seeking benefit sharing point, China and America can
cooperate in a special way.
2. The economic level of bilateral relation
Sino-US economy and trade relation can be said as a important foundation in bilateral
relation between two countries, one of the prominent trait is its incredibly quick
development speed, the other is that China’s position as an international partner with
America in economic region has advanced. The economy and trade relation between
China and America is not only the integral part in the bilateral relation, but also
maintaining an upward momentum, capitalizing on this momentum will serve the vital
interest of two countries. As the relation develops rapidly, it presents an appearance of
mutual complementary and beneficial, but it can weigh on growth and intensify
frictions over trade. Specifically speaking, for one thing, China-America economic
cooperation has a great relevance and strong complementary, which makes a big
contribution to the economic development and industrial upgrading. At the same time,
the abundant capital、advanced technology、moderate management and standard
service theory in America have attracted lots of Chinese investors that participated in
Chinese Modernization Construction. And equally Chinese market advantages and
bright market prospect attract a great quantity of America investment, which can help
stimulate the economy and optimize industrial structure. China export good and cheap
products to America to reduce the level of inflation pressures and improve real
purchasing power and the quality of life for lower middle class in America. After
China entered WTO, China and America developed for mutual beneficial in further
details. For another, the frictions over trade between China and America goes deeper
as two countries make further cooperation. It is involved in four fields that are both
different and interrelated: deficit in US trade、the perform of WTO agreement、the
protection of intellectual property rights and the issue of RMB exchange rate. From a
purely economic point of view, the economic relationship between China and America
weigh more on complementarity than competitiveness in essence. In order to grasp
economy and trade relation ties between two countries, we should expand win-win
situation instead zero-sum and prevent the problem of political economy. Besides, we
need to strengthen the strategic awareness of double-win cooperation.
3. The cultural level of bilateral relation
In comparison to another two fields, the relation in cultural communication is of the
longest stand, which can date back to the time before China establishing its diplomatic
relation with America in 1979. Chinese political culture is composed of three parts:
Firstly, Chinese traditional political culture takes Confucianism as to represent, with a
supplement of Taoism and Buddhism. It advocates keeping peace with other countries;
Secondly, China focus a lot on justice and fairness of global system in international
affairs with its special international vision; Lastly, the political culture formed by
socialism with Chinese characteristics and political system have trait of time-
Thought 、 Deng
Theory 、
Three-Dimensional World and Chinese Dream. American political culture have four
principals that are individualism 、 liberalism 、 pragmatism and nationalism.
Furthermore, there exists quite a lot of similarities on political culture between China
and America. Primarily, political culture is of great influence to two countries. It is
mirrored in the cognition of two leadership on the national own interests, and as we
know, national interest is the starting point of formulating and implementing foreign
policy; Then, China and America have the same feature on political culture: relatively
open environment、the pursuit of democracy、rule of law and science. The last but not
least, political culture decides a lot on the practice of handling Sino-US relation.
America pursued pragmatism while Chinese emphasize the spirit of pragmatism.
Though enduring several decades’ ups and downs, China and America can always
find a compromise to push two countries to develop in a better direction.
Conclusion: As China’s overall national strength and international status has risen
by a big margin, China and America strengthen the cooperation, there has emerged
large number of scholars and papers studying Sino-US relation. This article is just a
shallow talk about bilateral relation between China and America by developing the
narration on politics、economy and political culture from a college student perspective,
and it’s not difficult to tell that the relation between China and America is not simple
at all. China-America relation is entering a new era, full of opportunities and
challenges, we college students should be aware of this instead of taking it for granted
that the affairs of state is the responsibility of government officials. Only when we
bear it in our mind, can we grow into a qualified successor.
Thank you for your reading and revision!
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