Abby Myers and Jenna Meadows

Juan Ponce de Leon
By: Abby Myers
Jenna Meadows
It is believed that Juan Ponce de Leon’s lifespan was from 14601521.
• Ponce de Leon sailed
for the country of Spain.
He hoped to discover
riches and land to
• Ponce de Leon make 4 voyages. He went to
Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Florida, and islands
north of Cuba.
Why did he go on the voyages?
• Voyage 1: Gossip about gold, so he sailed off in search of gold in
Puerto Rico.
Why did he go on the voyages?
• Voyage 2: Hired by Revlon, a cosmetic company, he sailed to
Florida, thinking it was Spain in search for the Fountain of
Youth. (A body of water that made you look young forever)
Why did he go on the voyages?
• Voyage 3: By accident, he discovered the Gulf Stream, flowing out of Mexico.
Why did he go on the voyages?
• Voyage 4: He returned to Florida to build a colony. Native
Americans shot Ponce de Leon with an arrow, making him die.
He was buried in Cuba.
Voyage Map
Juan Ponce de Leon Quotes
• “Is this the land that has the
Fountain of Youth? For
remember he was seeking
this fountain, but never
found it.”
• From our research, we have
learned that Juan Ponce de Leon
was a very adventurous man who
wanted to travel the world to find
riches and discover land.
• Ponce de Leon is an important part of
history because, he discovered the
Southeastern coast of North America.
He is now recognized for his false
belief for the “Fountain of Youth”
which he thought existed near
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