2014-2015 courses

Global Competency courses 2014/2015
Category C – Credit courses contributing toward Global Competency
The following is a SAMPLE of courses currently offered by TRU and TRU OL in this category:
All TRU credit language courses offered by the Modern Languages department, ESAL, and TRU-OL taken by students and NOT counted for in
category A count in Category C
ADVG 4050-International Adventure Tourism Business
ADVG 4090-International Adv. Tourism Community
ANTH 1210-Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2140-Canadian Native Peoples
ANTH 2150-Cultural Explorations
ANTH 3270-First Nations Natural Resource
ANTH 3030-The European Orient: Balkans, Russia and
Eastern Europe
*ANTH 3390- Indigenous People in the City and
Roma/Gypsies East Europe
ANTH 4040-People and Cultures of the North
American Arctic
BUSN 5040- Global Economics
BUSN 5041- Global Economics (OL)
BUSN 6030- International Business
BUSN 6031- International Business (OL)
EDUC 5041- Diversity: Constructing Social Realities
ECON 2430-Global and Canadian Economic Issues
*ECON 2990-Tourism Economics
ECON 3550-International Economics
ECON 4560-International Macroeconomics and
ENGL 2160-Introduction to American Literature
*ENGL 4460-African Literature
GEOG 2020-Weather, Climate and Global
Environmental Change
GEOG 3200-Introduction to Cultural Geography
HIST 2250-Culutral and Artistic Traditions in Europe
HIST 3170-Ethnic, Cultural, Religious Identities and the
Birth of Europe
HIST 3530-The Concentration Camp: Global History
and Politics
*HIST 4250-Immigration in Canada
HLSC 3830-Global Health Perspectives
HUMN 3981-Issues in Latin American Studies (OL)
IBUS 3510-International Business
IBUS 3520-Global Management
IBUS 4520-International Trade Finance
IBUS 4540-Global Entrepreneurship
MKTG 4470-International Marketing
POLI 2150-Comparitive Politics
POLI 2600-International Politics
POLI 3530-The Concentration Camp: Global History and
POLI 3640-Intro. to the Politics of the Middle East
POLI 3991-Globalization and it’s Discontents: The Politics
of Economic Change
SOCI 2010-Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 2130-Women in Global Perspectives
SOCI 2160-The Family in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
SOCI 3610-Social Inequality
SOCI 4301-Sociology of Families: Modern Family life in
Global Perspective (OL)
SOCI 4311-Sociology of the Family: Families in a
Multicultural World (OL)
SOCI 4600-Globalization
SOCI 4730-Global Social Change
SOCW 3540-First Nations Issues and human Services
SOCW 4540-Aboriginal Decolonizing Social Work
SOCW 4800-International Social Work
STSS 1060-Intercultural Learning Perspectives
TMGT 2060-People, Places and the Toured Landscape
TMGT 3010-Community and Cultural Issues in Tourism
TMGT 4090-The Culture of Events
TMGT 4130-Tourist Behavior
TMGT 4160-Tourism in a Global Environment
VISA 3991-Cultural Theory and Images (OL)