Theme: Tours you will never forget Form 9

0Date: 04.02.2015
Theme: Tours you will never forget
Form 9
Aims of the lesson: 1. To develop students’ grammar skills and habits of oral speech.
2. To encourage pupils to give reasons and participate in the discussions.
3. To enable students to exchange ideas, express personal opinions and to solve the problems.
The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment
T: Good morning children! I’m glad to see you. How are you?
Ch: We’re fine, thank you.
T: Then, let’s begin our lesson. The theme of our lesson today is “Travelling”
II. Warm-up. ( 4m)
I think everybody likes travelling. So, during our lesson we’ll talk about travelling, means of
transport, share and express opinions, and exchange ideas.
Now, I’d like to start our lesson with the quotation written on the board:
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”
What does it mean? It means if you don’t travel you cannot see the beauty of the world; discover
new things and different ways of life.
Why do people travel?
What are the reasons for travelling?
Students answers:
St.1: People travel to discover new places
St.2: People travel to learn a language.
St.3: People travel to see the sights
St.4: People travel to enjoy beautiful places
St.5: People travel to make new friends
St6: They travel to discover different ways of life.
St.7: People travel to see other countries and continents
III. Practice (11 m)
A. T: As you know, millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. People
who plan travelling to somewhere should decide what things to take.
Now you’ll work in groups. Look at the active board. Here are the lists of things you need for
your travelling.
1st. group, Imagine you are going abroad for a week or two. Decide what things you’ll take for
your trip.
• a passport
• a camera
• a map
• a phrase book
• a radio
• sunglasses
• a credit card
• money
• a travel guide
• a sleeping bag
• a ticket
• a first aid kit
• a health insurance
• a clock
• a swimming costume
• a warm sweater
• food and drinks
2nd group: You are going to have a camping holiday. What things will you take?
3rd group: You are going to spend your holidays at the seaside somewhere in the south.
(We’ll take … We’ll also need….. …. are not necessary.)
B. So, children you’ve decided what things you’ll take with you for your travelling. Now you are
ready for your trip. As you know, there are many ways of travelling. People can travel by sea, by
air, by railway and by road.
What means of transport do you know?
Pupils make a poster.
C. Let’s go to travel to Australia. Video –rolic. ( 4 m)
C. Reading. Students read the text “More than just a tour”. (6 m)
A game. “Find and continue reading”
IV. Fizminutka. “ Draw yourself” ( 4m)
V. Now, children it’s to practice our grammar. (10m)
T: What is Gerund?
Герундий қазақ тілінде жоқ ерекше грамматикалық дәреже. Ол етістіктен жасалатын зат
есім. – ing жалғауымен жасалады. Сөйлемде зат есімнің қызметін атқарады. Герундийдің
зат есімнен айырмашылығы оның артиклі, көпше түрі болмайды. Сөйлемде бастауыш,
анықтауыш, пысықтауыш, толықтауыш және баяндауыштың бөлшегі боп қызмет атқара
need +gerund
1. Your shirt is dirty -Your shirt needs washing.
2. Your room is untidy - Your room needs cleaning.
3. The flowers are dry - They need watering
4. The grass is too long - It needs cutting
Look at the active board. You should complete the sentences with suitable gerund: climbing,
having, swimming, travelling, visiting, missing, running,skiing.
1. My sister enjoys … new places.
2. Omar bought a yacht and went … in the Caspian Sea.
1. They had a wonderful rest on the beach. They went … every day.
2. My brother goes … every morning.
1. When we were in Switzerland we went … every weekend.
2. Some people are not afraid of … high mountains.
VI. Assignment (3 m)
VII. Homework: Ex8p132 (2m)
Well, our lesson is over. Thank you for being active at the lesson. You have worked very well.
Have a nice day! Good-bye.