Performance Appraisal – Supervisor

Performance Appraisal – Supervisor
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Part I. Competency Evaluation—How this Employee Achieved Results (Mandatory)
Managers are encouraged to seek employee input on the performance appraisal using a pre-performance evaluation worksheet or other
tool, either before or during the review session. This evaluation provides an opportunity for an open and honest discussion of ways
the employee and organization can be more productive. This form is intended for use with employees who have supervisory
responsibility, but managers have the discretion to use the Employee Annual Performance Appraisal form for an employee if it is
more appropriate.
Instructions: Use this form in evaluating supervisory positions other than managers identified in Administrative Procedure 10.14
Performance Evaluations. As part of the performance appraisal process, the rater and the employee must review the Position
Description to ensure that it is accurate. To complete this appraisal the rater will assess the employee on each of the competencies
listed in this section by placing the appropriate rating (see below) in the “Rating” column. Ratings for competencies evaluate the
degree to which employee used skills and knowledge in achieving results (a ratings guideline is found on page 4). Raters are
encouraged to provide detailed comments to support the rating and to emphasize what the employee is doing well or needs to improve.
Comments are mandatory for competencies evaluated as Superior or Unsatisfactory.
S: Superior E: Exceeds Expectations M: Meets Expectations N: Marginal/Needs Improvement
U: Unsatisfactory
Leadership & Program Delivery
Able to inspire, influence and enable others
to achieve a specific mission. Drives for
results/initiative. Consistently produces work
of the highest quality. Leads by example in
appearance and character.
Job Knowledge
Acquires, understands and applies technical
and professional information and skills.
Organizational Skills
Sets objectives to meet commitments,
budgets, forecasts, etc. Organizes work,
establishes priorities, makes proper
assignment of personnel and efficient
allocation of resources.
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Decision Making/Problem Solving
Acts on and makes timely decisions with
business direction. Delegates decisionmaking authority to level with capability and
information closest to the internal or external
Customer Focus
Ability to anticipate and meet internal and
external customer needs in timely manner.
Ensures customer satisfaction through
process of monitoring, developing,
improving and delivering excellence in
products and service.
Fiscal Management
Makes sound financial decisions and
operates a fiscally responsible and sound
Selection and Development of
Understands hiring process and fully
supports agency’s equal employment
opportunity and affirmative action policies.
Competence can be seen by how well
employee and others are developed. Every
employee has a professional development
plan, an accurate position description and
current performance appraisal.
Builds winning teams. Works effectively
with others to accomplish goals/resolve
problems. Supports other Texas A&M
Forest Service programs.
Communication Skills
Listens effectively and provides clear,
concise and accurate verbal and written
information to groups or other individuals in
an appropriate and timely manner.
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Makes aggressive commitments and is
willing to be judged against them.
Trustworthy with unyielding integrity and
exceptional work ethic.
Vision/Direction Setting
Ability to provide a clear sense of direction
for district/program/region/division/etc.
Secures relevant information. Identifies key
issues and sets priorities.
Ability to be flexible when changes occur.
Able to anticipate and bring about change
when needed.
Completes reporting requirements on
projects, including status and budgets, on
time and meets other programmatic
deadlines as required. Completes other
administrative requirements accurately and
on time.
Drive for Results/Resource
Identifies new ways to improve quality,
productivity and customer service.
Maximizes talents and abilities. Uses
available resources efficiently.
Safety Management
Ensures employees have been adequately
trained in safety. Promptly responds to any
employee concerns regarding unsafe
working conditions. Accurately completes
any required reports related to on the job
injuries and illness and forwards reports to
appropriate person in a timely manner.
Takes appropriate action on employees who
disregard safe working practices.
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Custom Evaluation Criteria
Custom Evaluation Criteria
Attach additional sheet(s) if more custom evaluation criteria are needed.
Part II. Overall Performance Rating (Mandatory)
The rater will assign an overall performance rating for this employee, taking into consideration both the results
that were achieved as well as the means by which they were accomplished (competency evaluations). Select
only one of the ratings listed below by placing an “X” next to the option that corresponds to your overall
Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Marginal/Needs Improvement
Performance at this level far exceeds expectations
consistently; accomplishments have a significant impact
on the mission/goals of the organization.
Performance consistently meets and frequently exceeds
job requirements; well above average.
Performance consistently meets job requirements;
expected level of performance for employees.
Performance meets some but not all job requirements;
guidance and coaching is needed for improvement.
Performance does not meet job requirements; immediate
and significant improvement is needed.
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Part III. Rater Comments (Mandatory)
The rater will provide any additional comments that he/she believes are important in describing the employee’s
performance and contributions, including any factors that may have positively or adversely impacted
performance. Employee strengths and areas needing improvement should be specifically addressed, if not
covered in other sections of the appraisal.
Part IV. Objectives (Optional)
The rater and employee should agree on measurable objectives for the employee to work toward or complete
during the coming year. In discussing these objectives, the rater should make sure the employee has the
resources needed and knows the steps to take to achieve the objectives. The rater may wish to use the spaces
provided to document objectives, list any resources that are needed and outline action steps.
Did the employee meet last year’s objectives? If not, why not?
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Part V. Professional Development (Mandatory)
The rater and employee will identify key performance objectives for the upcoming performance period and the
professional development needed to support the employee’s success in meeting these objectives. Raters are
encouraged to consider their program, division, and agency goals in identifying and promoting appropriate
employee development.
The employee’s professional development can be achieved through a variety of activities. A partial list
of suggested development activities follows:
Professional organizations
Local/State/National conferences
Personal coaching
Job shadowing
Reading assignments
Report assignments
Buddy assignments
On-the-job training
Assignment to teams/committees
Committee leadership
Please list professional development activities to be completed and the resources needed to support those
activities, if applicable.
Professional Development Needs
Resources/Support Needed
Target Date
Part VI. Position Description (Mandatory)
The employee and rater have reviewed the position description and an updated form is attached
(required annually).
Part VII. Signatures (Mandatory)
Employee: I understand that my signature indicates only that I have reviewed my position description
and read and discussed this performance appraisal with my rater. It does not necessarily mean that I
agree with the appraisal’s contents. I may attach written comments, if desired. If comments are
attached, check here:
Employee Signature (required):
Rater Signature (required):
Next Level Supervisor (required)
Next Level Supervisor/
Associate Director/Designee
Signature (optional):
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