McAfee® SaaS Email Inbound Filtering

McAfee® SaaS Email Inbound Filtering
With the McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering package, your enterprise will benefit from the following service
Advanced Spam Blocking – Eliminates over 99 percent of spam using our Stacked Classification
Framework® spam detection system which is powered by patented technology and combines the most
effective spam-fighting filters and techniques in the industry. This multi-layered framework separately
assesses and “votes” on the probability that an email is spam. Because each filtering method has unique
strengths designed to identify specific threats, the combination creates one of the most accurate and
comprehensive filtering processes in the industry. Our spam defense includes the Premium Anti-Spam
Multi-Language Filter, which protects against real-time spam attacks and zero-hour spam, regardless of
language, while offering additional security against image-based spam and fraudulent phishing emails.
Virus and Worm Scanning – McAfee detects, blocks and strips viruses and worms at the network
perimeter before they can enter and damage your messaging infrastructure. McAfee offers
comprehensive, 24 x 7 protection against email-borne viruses and worms, with triple protection that
includes our proprietary WormTraq® worm detection technology and two of our three signature-based
anti-virus engines.
Email Attack Protection – Conceals your network and critical messaging gateways from attack. Instantly
blocks denial of service and other SMTP-based attacks, including dictionary harvest attacks, email bombs
and channel flooding.
Fraud Protection – Keeps your employees safe from the risks of fraud and phishing scams.
Content and Attachment Filtering – Reduces corporate liability and risk through intelligent message
processing that identifies, quarantines and blocks unwanted, malicious and sensitive content and
Sophisticated end-user and administrator quarantine management – The safe, external McAfee SaaS
quarantine and email-based quarantine reporting process significantly reduces email administration and
false positives (legitimate email misidentified as spam).
Transport Layer Security (TLS) – Customers can strengthen by opting to send or receive messages via
TLS. McAfee offers two TLS methods, both free of charge, including Enforced TLS, which provides
customers with the option to force inbound or outbound delivery of mail via TLS for specified domains.
Once enable, a message will be denied if TLS cannot be negotiated with the sending/receiving domain.
With our standard TLS implementation, if TLS can be negotiated between the sender and the
destination, the mail is delivered over TLS. If TLS cannot be negotiated, then mail is delivered via SMTP.
With this package, you’ll also benefit from:
Automated, around-the-clock email monitoring and protection – McAfee Labs is a sophisticated
streaming data environment where our team of threat experts monitor the global state of email
communication, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide our customers with real-time updates and
Centralized, policy-based administration – Enables your organization to easily configure and manage
email protection and filtering for all your email servers using one centralized Web-based tool.
Message Audit – This self-service tool enables authorized administrators to accurately track and verify
the disposition of inbound and outbound messages.
Account provisioning and configuration support – Our Provisioning team will work with you to activate
and configure your account.
Comprehensive reference manuals – McAfee SaaS customers can download administrator and end-user
reference manuals for help with activation, configuration, administration and reporting.
Business Benefits
McAfee is committed to providing simple, effective, and automated solutions that minimize email risk –
solutions specifically designed to provide comprehensive email protection and security, take administrative
pressures off the IT professional, reduce IT-related costs, diminish corporate risk, and improve employee
Integrate complete email security
The McAfee® SaaS Email Protection service automatically analyzes and blocks over 99 percent of unwanted
spam and stops worms, viruses and other malicious threats before they can pass through an organization’s
firewall and enter their network – significantly reducing risk, saving bandwidth, reducing storage costs, and
minimizing administrative costs. Not only is the service feature-rich, highly-reliable and always-available, but can
be activated in less than one business day for immediate email defense and security.
Free up IT staff
Unlike other email filtering solutions that require integration, migration and a significant amount of ongoing
maintenance, McAfee greatly reduces the time IT managers and staff must spend handling spam, monitoring
virus activity, and stopping email attacks. With the SaaS Email Protection service, neither additional servers nor
software must be installed and configured, and software upgrades and new patches are not required.
Businesses simply redirect their mail exchange (MX) record to McAfee and then fine-tune their email filtering
policies through our intuitive web-based configuration and reporting tool. The SaaS Email Protection end-user
Spam Quarantine Reports save IT administrators’ hours of work by shifting spam quarantine management to
individual users. By taking the responsibility of building and maintaining an email defense solution off the IT
staff, more time is available for top priority technology projects.
Reduce IT-related costs
With SaaS Email Protection, businesses can eliminate up to 90 percent of the costs associated with email threat
management. Because we provide email filtering at the network perimeter and store suspect messages in a safe
quarantine outside of an organization’s network, businesses can reduce serious risks associated with harmful
virus, worm or blended threats. Additionally, businesses eliminate costs associated with the storage and
bandwidth required to deliver and store unwanted email, and the risks of server overload. With no on-going
maintenance costs and no upgrade software to purchase, businesses benefit from an economical, worry-free
Increase employee productivity and control
With the SaaS Email Protection service, employees spend virtually no time sifting through junk email to find
legitimate messages. Suspect emails are stored in a safe quarantine outside the business network and never
reach the recipient’s mailbox, while quarantine management is pre-established by administrators.
Safeguard business integrity
Organizations can feel confident knowing that their business communications will remain reliable and
responsive with a filtering solution that is accurate and transparent to employees and customers. The SaaS Email
Protection service boasts some of the industry’s lowest false positive rates – legitimate messages misidentified
as spam.
Realize a rapid return on investment
Choosing to implement the SaaS Email Protection service will likely be one of the easiest decisions you will make
this year, and justifying the purchase will be even easier. Based on a number of factors specific to your
organization including percentage of spam, number of employees, average salary, and server and bandwidth
utilization, we are confident that our solution will pay for itself within the first 60 days. While every business
environment is different, we have helped hundreds of organizations eliminate the unnecessary waste associated
with spam and viruses and recapture thousands of dollars every month.
McAfee SaaS Overview
As part of the world’s largest security-dedicated vendor in the world, McAfee SaaS is a leading developer of
cloud-based security solutions, providing real-time protection to more than 575,000 businesses. McAfee SaaS
offers the industry’s most comprehensive, cloud-based security portfolio, including email and web protection,
message continuity and archiving solutions. McAfee’s true multi-tenant, massively scalable SaaS architecture
delivers enterprise-grade performance and reliability without enterprise-level complexity and cost. Additionally,
McAfee SaaS solutions provide unrivaled protection, leveraging McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence Network of
350 researchers and threat centers in 30 different countries.
Customer Testimonials
While we are proud of our success fighting email threats, it is testimonials from our customers that tell the most
compelling story. Here’s what just a few of our valued customers have said about McAfee SaaS solutions:
City of Kearney, Nebraska
“The McAfee solution provides the City of Kearney with the ability to filter outgoing as well as incoming
email for about the same price as our former solution which filtered inbound messages only. We really
appreciate the fact that the solution spools our mail if our server goes down – a feature that has worked
very well the few times we have needed it. And, support has been good although we’ve had few
instances to use it, which we believe is a credit to the reliability and ease of the solution. It’s a great
option for anyone needing an effective email filtering solution. In fact, our reporting shows that only
about 5-15 percent of the email sent to us actually gets to our servers. We get the good mail and the
junk stays outside our network.” − Information Systems Manager, City Of Kearney
AC Controls Company, Inc.
“As a former Postini subscriber I can attest to experiencing greater satisfaction with our company’s
email filtering solution since I switched to McAfee. From something seemingly as trivial as being able to
view the size of attachments, to the significant fault tolerance feature afforded us by their message
continuity service (neither of which were available with Postini), McAfee has earned first place with our
company. I would definitely recommend McAfee to anyone looking for the kinds of services they offer. I
am glad I did. It is a pity I did not do so sooner.” − Network Administrator, AC Controls Company, Inc.
Middlesex Hospital
“From the beginning, it was clear that the solution just worked. With a minimal investment in time, I’ve
received an enormous payback.” − Systems Support Manager, Information Services, Middlesex
Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.
“I am extremely satisfied so far with McAfee. I haven’t had one person complain about spam. That is a
first since I have been here at Kozeny-Wagner. I would definitely recommend it to others. The set-up is
easy, and very user friendly. Thanks for selling such a great product!” - Information Technology
Associate, Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.
Studio Jory
“If you want the best spam/virus/content filtering solution out there, go with McAfee. My server has
gone from being pummeled by 16,000 spam and viruses a day to ZERO. Very, very nice. It makes my
iPhone’s email abilities useful again, all the while providing me with peace-of-mind by protecting my less
tech-savvy users from phishing scams. As the quantity of spam and virus email continues to grow at the
alarmingly exponential rate it has over the past year, you can bet that McAfee’s service is worth every
penny to me.” − Network Administrator, Studio Jory
Mortgage Master, Inc.
“We like the disaster recovery that’s build into the spooling capability, which keeps us up and running
during outages or maintenance. Our loan officers simply log in to send and receive emails.” −
Information Technology Director, Mortgage Master Inc.
Electronic Systems Services
“The support staff is knowledgeable and helpful. My questions are answered promptly. I think we’ve
placed fewer than 10 calls in two years so that says something about how well everything is working.
We’re very happy with McAfee and welcome the opportunity to recommend the Email Protection
Service to others.” − CEO, Electronic Systems Services
Advanced Spam Blocking
Triple Virus Scanning – McAfee SaaS proprietary WormTraq® engine plus two industry-leading anti-virus
Fraud Protection
Content and Attachment Filtering
Email Attack Protection
Quarantine Management and Reporting
Intuitive Policy-based Administration and Reporting Portal
Directory Integration
Performance Reports
Secure Message Delivery Via Transport Layer Security (TLS)
14-Day Extended Spam Quarantine
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