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Metals and Non-Metals
Class VIII
Q1. Name the property of metals by which aluminium wire is changed into aluminium sheets.
Q2. What are metalloids? Give examples
Q3. Name the metal/non-metal for the following:
1. Metal liquid at room temperature.
2. Black material present inside pencil.
3. Metal that does not corrode in air.
4. Hardest non-metal.
5. Metal that explodes in water.
6. Metal which is most ductile.
7. Lustrous Non-metal
8. Two metals which can be easily cut with knife.
9. A non-metal required to sustain life.
10. A non-metal used in fertilizers to enhance growth of the plants.
11. Non-metal used in water purification process.
12. A solution of non-metal to be applied on wounds as an antiseptic.
13. A non-metal used in crackers.
Q4. What are displacement reactions? Give examples.
Q5. A metal X can displace another metal Y from its metal salt. Is X above or below Y in the reactivity
Q6. Why sodium metal is stored under kerosene? Give equation in support of your answer.
Q7. Although non-metals are not reactive but phosphorous being non-metal is very reactive. Why?
Q8. Vidushi purchased a copper jug. After some days she saw a green layer on it. What could be the
reason behind this?
Q9. Why are bells made up of metals and not wood?
Q10. How does wooden handle or plastic handle protects us from being hurt while handling hot
Q11. What happens when Iron nails are placed in copper sulphate solution?
Write equations of the reactions involved.
Q12. Aditi’s mother prepared lemon pickle. She told Aditi to put it in a glass container and not in a
metal container. What do you think might be the reason?
Q13. Diya was making an electric circuit. What do you think in which case would the bulb glow and
a) Electric circuit with sulphur as the conducting material.
b) Electric circuit with copper as the conducting material.
Q14 Compare the chemical properties of metals and non metals in tabular form.
Q15. Sodium metal reacts vigorously with water.
a) Name the gas evolved when sodium reacts with water
b) State whether the solution formed by the reaction of sodium with water is acidic or basic
Q16 When a copper object is exposed to moist air for long time, then a green coating is formed on
its surface
a) What is the chemical composition of green coating?
b) State whether the green coating is acidic or basic.
Q17 Can you store lemon pickle in an aluminium utensil? Explain.
Q18 What type of oxides are formed:
a) When metals combine with oxygen?
b) When non- metals combine with oxygen?
Q19 How do metals react with dilute acids? Explain with the help of an example.
Q20 Give reasons:
a) Copper metal is used for making electric wires.
b) Graphite is used for making electrode in a cell.
c) Immersion rods for heating liquids are made of metallic substances.