mathern conservation area proposed changes

Mathern is an unusually dispersed conservation area which was first
designated in 1976. The settlement largely grew up around the Palace first
created by the Bishops of Llandaff in 15th century. At the end of 19th
century it was acquired by Avray Tipping whose Arts and Crafts inspired
work here and elsewhere in Monmouthshire is of particular significance.
Adjacent to the Palace is the medieval church and a short distance to the
west is Moynes Court built by Bishop Godwin as a further residence.
Views from and to these buildings are a key element of the conservation
area character and this appraisal has identified three distinct character
areas. The boundary of the conservation area includes the neighbouring
farms and dwellings and then crosses the motorway to include Newton
Green. It also extends north across the open countryside to include
Wyelands and St Tewdric and up to the A466 and the perimeter of
Although the consultants carrying out the appraisal have proposed the
removal of the area shaded blue in the map above, the Council is of the
view that Mathern Cresent in particular has its own distinct character as a
pleasing 20th century development. It is accepted that development on the
opposite side of the main road through the village is of lesser quality and
could be removed from the conservation area. Birdwood Gardens lies
immediately between the rear of Model Cottages, an important group of
buildings, and the open area to the north-east towards Wyelands. The
Council does not see any merit in removing this road from the conservation
area that has protected it since 1976. Accordingly we recommend
omitting most of this proposed change. We would welcome your views on
the proposals. Comment by 31st October 2015 by email to
[email protected] or in writing to the Planning
Department, Monmouthshire County Council, County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk
NP15 1GA.
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