New Consultant Packet

Welcome to our Mary Kay family & congratulations on starting your own Mary Kay business – I can’t
WAIT to get to know you! Please go to the Dream Believer website and click on the New Consultant
tab, passsword “dream”, and click on Welcome and fill out the New Consultant Profile for me. YOU are
now a significant part of our future Dream Believers National Area! We are proud to live & work by the
Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Mary Kay Ash taught with the
Philosophy of Faith first, Family second, Career third! As your business coach I am here to help you get
a successful start and will always match my time with your efforts. In Mary Kay you may be in business
for yourself but you will never be by yourself. Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns
and excitement at any time.
“Only what you give can be multiplied back into your own life” -- Mary Kay Ash
Love & Belief,
The Dream Believer Unit: 5008
Future Dream Believer National Area
Ruby Go Give National Area
Pink Cadillac Unit
Dream Believer Unit Website password dream
Diane Lundgren
[email protected]
Instagram: Diane Lundgren and DianeLundgren Mary Kay
Facebook Group:
Voxer: dlundg514
Diane began her Mary Kay journey in 1981 and became a Mary Kay Sales Director just
10 months later. Her unit has been in the Circle of Achievement 4 times. At Seminar
2015 the Dream Believers achieved the 500,000 Unit Club. She has been in the National
Court of Sales 5 times earning diamond rings and a diamond necklace. Diane has been a
consistent Star Consultant for an incredible 104 quarters!! She has been a car winner
since 1984, earning 17 free cars.
Diane’s most coveted award is the Miss
Go Give Award in October 1993.
Diane currently lives in Prescott, Arizona with her
husband Steve. They love the outdoors, hiking and
staying healthy so they can play with their grandchildren.
They have four children: Ryan who’s married to Sarah
and have Elise (also live in Prescott); Lindsey who’s
married to Mark (Slidell, La.) and have three children,
Melanie, Josiah, and Abbie; Caitlin who’s married to
Taylor (Denver, CO.); and recent college graduate Hayley
who will be leaving for an 11 month Mission with World
Life has not always been consistent, but Diane’s Mary Kay
family has always been there for her through the victories
and challenges of life. She loves helping others achieve
their desired success and helping women feel beautiful both inside and out. Diane is more excited about
her business and future today than any other time in her career.
To prepare yourself for the greatest success with your new Mary Kay business, while you
are waiting for your Starter Kit to arrive, complete this checklist!
Text Me
Like to text? Send me a text message (include your name) at 719.207.1037. Go to our Unit
website to fill out the “New Consultant Profile”. Click on the New
Consultant tab, password “dream”, then click on Welcome and you will see “Fill out the New
Consultant profile”
Join me on Social Media
Instagram: I have two Instagram accounts. Follow me on both!
 Diane Lundgren
 DianeLundgren Mary Kay
Facebook: Diane Lundgren
Once you have added me as a friend on Facebook, I can add you to our Dream Believers Group
where I share education, inspiration and great ideas and where team members share their
successes and pictures from our MK events!
Voxer: Please download this FREE app and send me a Voxer message.
 Diane Lundgren at dlundg514
Set-up a Personal Mary Kay Website
Women love to shop online so log onto and set-up your personal Mary Kay
website for only $30.00 , this price is 50% off your first year!
What a deal! AND Mary Kay maintains it for you!
________ ** Send out an email to your family and friends with your Mary
Kay website information. Tell them the exciting news that you
are a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay and ask them to register
with you online! You may even want to run a special promotion
on their first online order! For example, “With any $40 online
purchase you may pick a lip gloss for 50% off!”
Log onto Under BUSINESS TOOLS tab, click on Personal Website
Take an Odometer Reading
One of your biggest tax deductions is mileage! Keep a mileage record of your daily MK trips in
Order Your Business Cards ~ Building Kit
A Business Building Kit includes business cards and a case, a Mary
Kay name tag (to be worn at Mary Kay functions and appointments),
product re-order labels (to place on all products that you sell to
customers), and a self-inking stamp (to stamp any literature handed
out). The Mary Kay Beauty Coat may also be ordered off of MK
Connections. When ordering your business cards, be sure to include
your personal website!
Log onto Under the ORDERING tab, click
on MK Connections. Then click on “Learn More” under Business
Marketing – MK Connections. Under the Products tab, you will find
Business Building Kit.
Set-up 6 Leadership Training Calls
For the Leadership Training Calls, you will want to choose six women in your life who are very
supportive and powerful OR with a woman who could potentially join your Mary Kay team. We
do these calls to learn more about the Mary Kay opportunity and to learn how to share this
opportunity with others.
1.__________________________ 2.________________________________ 3.________________________________
4.__________________________ 5.________________________________ 6.________________________________
Listen to the marketing call by Pink Cadillac Sales Director Diane Lundgren by calling
“I am working on completing my Leadership training with Mary Kay and I have a favor to ask of
you. Would you be willing to participate in a 3-way call with my director and myself? It only takes
about 25-30 minutes! All you need to do to prepare for the conference call is listen to a recorded
call Plus your name will be put in a drawing for $100 in FREE PRODUCT for helping me!”
** Do 3 leadership calls in your first two weeks and receive the PEARLS OF SHARING EARRINGS!
Do 6 Leadership calls in your first month and receive the PEARLS OF SHARING BRACELET. Add
1 new personal Team Member in your first month and receive the PEARLS OF SHARING
Respond to my Welcome Email
By responding to the email, it will let me know that I am using your correct email address –
wouldn’t want you to miss something important! Create a folder in your email for any Dream
Believer and Mary Kay emails. You may also need to consider a NEW email address if your
current one is old and full of spam. It is also good to keep in mind that you will likely use email
as a means to contact your colleagues and customers, so make sure the address itself is
Go to our Unit website and
Submit your prize form to receive your prize when you’ve
completed ALL 7 steps to earn your Mary Kay Business Card
Set-up a Coaching Call with Diane ~ Deciding
what’s best for you regarding inventory!
Please review and reference the Ready Set Sell BONUS for New Consultants. There is a paper
copy included with this packet, paper copy in your Starter Kit, and there is an online link on your
home page of InTouch. You are only eligible for your FREE product bonuses on your first
wholesale order as a NEW consultant, so this is an important business decision for you. Would
you prefer to establish a small inventory so that you can immediately deliver products to your
customers? Women love “on the spot delivery” and the instant gratification of getting the product
at their appointments. Or would you rather take an order, and deliver the product after you have
placed and received your Mary Kay order? It is YOUR choice how you want to run YOUR business!
Thirty-four years in the business has taught me a lot about this important business decision.
Please know I am available to answer any questions you may have!
Consider your Inventory Financing Options
1. Apply for the Mary Kay Chase Card on InTouch at 0% APR for 12 months.
** If you are approved online, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you write down the number
and all information that is given to you!
2. Google Low-Interest credit cards to find other financing options that offer 12-15 months no
interest. For example, on there is the Chase Slate Card for those with lower credit.
3. Apply for a personal loan at your local bank/credit union.
4. Use your current personal credit card.
5. Borrow from your insurance policy, yourself, friends or family!
6. Go to to explore your financing options.
7. Look at protecting your investment with Product Replacement Insurance found on InTouch
under the Ordering tab, click on MK Connections. See the Box with Pro Insurance Manager.
Open a separate Bank Account
Go to a bank that offers FREE checking accounts. It is always a good idea to keep your business
and personal finances separate! Do NOT use the word “Mary Kay” on your account. You can call it
your business account or any other name that you choose. You will want a debit card on this
account to pay for all your MK expenses. If your bank offers a free savings account, also open a
savings account to keep your MK product money (money to reinvest to replace what you have
sold) separate from your MK profit.
Set-Up a ProPay Account
If you would like to have the benefit of being able to allow your customers to pay with debit or
credit cards, log onto InTouch and set-up a ProPay account. Having ProPay allows your
customers to use credit or debit cards to make purchases on your personal MK website.
Additionally, with ProPay and a personal website, you have the privilege of using the Customer
Delivery Service.
Go to our Unit website and
Submit your prize form when you’ve completed the steps
above & have placed your Qualified Order (min. $600) )
To earn your Mary Kay money bag.
Check out Start Something Beautiful
Review all of the Start Something Beautiful materials that are
included in your Starter Kit. And, the InTouch website is a
great resource, especially for new consultants! To start, watch
each of the Start Something Beautiful videos online.
Under EDUCATION tab, click on Starter Kit/New
Consultant Tools.
Girls Morning Out in Dallas, TX!
Explore our Unit Website & Company Website –
This community Website for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants provides 24-hour access
to information and services for efficient and convenient management of your Mary Kay business.
**Check it out at: Our Dream Believer website is
Complete your Mary Kay “Color Confident”
Color Confident is an online course where you will learn about color application of products.
This is a course that you can take at our own pace and complete each quiz. After you have
completed this course, Color Confident will be added to your Mary Kay website.
Log onto You should see the Color
Confident listed on your home page. If not, under the PRODUCTS
tab, click on Color Confident.
Check out Silver Wings
Now that you have an overview, it’s time to turn into a professional! Silver Wings answers
questions you didn’t even know you had! It’s fun and interactive! And, it’s at YOUR PACE! Want
to earn a car, move into leadership or just earn a few extra thousand dollars for your family
quickly? The faster you learn, the faster you will make money and move UP!
Under the EDUCATION tab, click on Consultant Education.
Go to our Unit website and
Submit your prize form when you’ve completed ALL
Silver Wings Lessons and the Color Confident
Certification to earn your Mary Kay Checkbook Cover!
Label your Product Inventory and Paper Materials
Organize your Inventory
Label your products with your personal labels, especially the skin care and skin supplements.
Labels come with your business kit from MK Connections. But, I do NOT recommend putting
labels on products that would be defaced by a label such as lipstick tubes, most color cosmetics
and fragrances.
Use your name and address stamp to stamp all Look Books, Beauty Books and team building
Cut cardstock paper into postcard size cards and stamp your return
address into the upper left hand corner to create postcards for your
Thank You notes.
Get creative: A fishing tackle box is perfect for storing eye shadows,
blushes, product samples etc. An insulated cooler is great for larger
products. You can take product items with you to the store to check
for proper fit.
Store inventory both on office shelving and in carriers that you are taking to your appointments.
Product can safely be carried in the trunk of your car, except in times of extreme heat or cold.
If you have extra funds, consider an inventory case from MK Connections.
Not only are they stylish and professional, they protect your valuable inventory!
Create a Separate Workspace
for your Business
This could be a separate room or even just a corner of a room.
A neat and organized workspace contributes greatly to a
happy and healthy business owner!
 Computer with High Speed Internet and Printer.
 Print Tax Essentials – Go to InTouch, Resources, Tax, and
click on Tax Essentials. There are sample forms and other
great information.
 Keep all receipts and packing slips from Mary Kay.
Shelving or under-bed containers for your Inventory. Be
Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN
with Darrell Overcash, the President of
creative depending on your situation and space availability!
Mary Kay
A system for storing papers and brochures. Whether you
are going to scan them into your computer or in a paper organizer, find a system that works for
Cell or Home Phone with large minute or unlimited plan. ** Check out exclusive savings on for discount programs with cell phone providers.
Stay Motivated
Attend your weekly Success Event! This is an opportunity for recognition, inspiration,
motivation and training with ME! Success events are not mandatory, but I HIGHLY
recommend them to keep you motivated and informed! Learn everything you need to know
to be successful in your business! And I HIGHLY encourage you to
always bring a guest with you!
Check out our Dream Believers Facebook page daily for training
and inspiration.
Check for emails from me.
Remember you become like the 5 people with whom you spend
the most time. I would be honored to be one of the 5! Follow me
on social media.
Listen to the Million Dollar Message, Monday through Saturday
at 641.715.3900, Code: 44336#
Ask to be added to my Voxer Training Group.
Request to follow Linda Toupin’s Consultant Voxer Training.
Manage Your Time
Start shifting your thoughts regarding time. There are 168 hours in a week. This is the
equivalent of 4 “traditional” work weeks.
 There are many ways to stay organized. Develop a system using an electronic tablet, 3 ring
binder, or a spiral notebook. Develop sections for your organization. Sections could be:
Weekly Accomplishment To Do List, Daily To Do List, Notes from Meetings, Potential
Customers, Potential Hostesses, and Potential New Team Members list.
 Daily To Do List before going to bed every night. Important to do so you are not wasting
You will build your client base the same way as beauticians, nail techs, doctors and other professionals do
– They begin with family and friends, develop a good reputation and word spreads!
 Use the section you created in your organizational system to create your potential customer,
hostess and team member list.
 To help you gain perspective on how many people you have in your WIDE circle of influence, think
in terms of creating an invitation list to a large wedding. The average wedding in America sends
out 150 family invitations, which encompasses 300-450 people.
 Don’t limit yourself geographically (remember, we don’t have territories!), nor by how often you
interact with that person. Start with your inner circle of friends and expand from there. If
someone is in your phone or on your social media, they should be on your list.
 REMEMBER: Every person alive uses what you sell!
Book a Mary Kay Business Launch Party and
Your First 6 Parties!
Book your first 6 parties with 3 to 6 people in attendance at each party! If
you can do it over a 2 week period, that is best. When you put the product
on 30 faces in your first 30 days you will get your business off to a GREAT
start, but you will also earn your POWER START PIN!
1.__________________________________ 2._____________________________________
3.__________________________________ 4._____________________________________
5.__________________________________ 6._____________________________________
Pre-profile Your Customers
Pre-profile your customers prior to the class using the Customer Profile cards that come in your
Starter Kit. This will help your class run smoother knowing what skin type they have.
Send out Invitations
Create a Facebook event or picture collage using an app such as “A Beautiful Mess,” “Pic Collage,”
or “Red Stamp.” Text or email to your friends. Plan to CALL each guest personally and invite them
3-4 days after your first invite. This is a relationship business and the personal touch is SO
Update Your Calendar
Mark your calendar with everything you have going on in your life. Then highlight the times and
dates that you have dedicated to your Mary Kay business. Indicate on your calendar your four
POWER START WEEKS in which you are going to book 30 faces in 30 days. Now you are ready to
start filling up your calendar with Skin Care classes, which we will book during your Launch Party!
Provide the following supplies
Pens and profile cards for each guest
Closing Sheets & Fabulous Referral Sheets
A money bag with $20 in change
Look Books stamped with your personal contact information.
Sales tickets and a calculator.
Enough Hostess Packets prepared to give one to each guest.
Hostess packet should include: Steps to Success marketing
brochure, Mary Kay Look Book, and your business card.
Book Your Power Start
The focus will be to schedule your first 6-8 parties for your Power
Start. When you put the MK product on 30 faces in your first 3 days
you will earn your POWER START PIN and get your business off to a
These steps are VERY, VERY important!
Send out Thank You’s
Write a thank you postcard to everyone who attends a facial or MK party. You are building a
relationship with your customers.
Enter Each Customer’s Profile and Sales Tickets on
After EVERY product sale, facial and/or skin care class, you want to enter each customer into the
myCustomers business tool on InTouch so that you are populating a database for future use in
customer-related applications. ALSO record the product purchased on the BACK of the Profile
Under the BUSINESS TOOLS tab, click on myCustomers. Then click on “Manage Your Customers.”
Then click on +New Customer in the upper right corner and then New Order.
Your director and recruiter are always excited to hear about your sales, facials and parties. Share your
excitement in a quick text or on our private Dream Believers Facebook page!
Submit your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet
Develop a system to end your MK business on Saturday or Sunday night at midnight. Pick a day
and be consistent.
Under the BUSINESS TOOLS tab, click on Weekly Accomplishments. Then click on “Enter Weekly
Accomplishments.” Print a copy to take to your local meeting.
Learn from the Pro
Travel with your recruiter and/or director to view one of her parties.
Watch videos on
Practice your Presentation
Review the Instructors Guide and practice your Skin Care
presentation by rehearsing in front of a mirror. You may also want
to review your Start Something Beautiful DVD.
Practice Setting up your Display
Ruby Go Give Awards at the
Dallas Seminar
and Trays
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When a guest walks in to your party she
should go ‘Wow!’ when she sees how professional and pretty your table looks.”
– NSD Linda Toupin
 Color coordinated placemats or tablecloth (or both!).
 Washcloths or our disposable facial cloths.
 Roll-up Bag for display and your close.
 PERFECT HOSTESS GIFTS (gifts of your choosing).
 Individual Bags for each guest should include: Profile Card, lip button, cotton round, Q-tip,
mascara wand or mascara sample.
 Thank-you gift for your hostess in a beautiful
gift bag. This can be as simple as a “mini
sample” product. Wow her with your
wrapping and presentation.
Before EVERY Facial or
Skin Care Class!!
Coach your Hostess
Ideally is it BEST to privately facial a hostess a few days or a week prior to her party, especially if she
has never had a facial or isn’t currently using MK products. This helps you know what product she
wants to earn and what gift she will choose for her PERFECT HOSTESS GIFT.
 Always refer to your hostess in all conversations as your “Business Partner.”
 Review the guest list she gave you. Encourage her to invite 10 guests per party. So, if she gives
you 30 names, that is 3 separate parties. When she invites 10, an average of 6 will attend.
 Find out what is on her wish list. Keep her focused on the FREE product she is working for.
This will encourage her to help you with sales, bookings and outside orders. Women LOVE
FREE MK or product at a discount!! It is your business and you have the choice of offering
special programs. One of my favorites is Shop for $35 and receive $75 worth of Mary Kay when
you have 2 bookings and 5 adult friends who do not have a MK consultant at your party.
 Give her words to say when she invites her guests.
 Coach her on refreshments. It is best to keep it simple and serve refreshments at the end of
the party.
 Send her a thank you note in advance telling her that you appreciate her partnering with you.
to build your your business.
$50 team building bonus begins with fourth qualified team member.
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