Education - Sales Tips and Techniques

“I once heard something that helped me to get over the fear of selling. I would say it to
myself every time the fear of selling cropped up. It was: ‘It’s just as honorable to sell as
it is to buy.’ Selling is just convincing people that what you are selling is what they want.
When that fear has been overcome, then your selling becomes a job.”
Mary Kay Ash
 Introduce yourself and the class topic; welcome attendees.
 Selling Strategy
 Discuss how the first step in selling is using. Get them excited about trying
everything in the product lines and then using everything appropriate for them.
Promote the strategy of replacing their current products with Mary Kay products
so they can be walking advertisements.
 You’ll want to sell customers on yourself before you can sell any product. Make
sure your image is professional, confident and enthusiastic. You are your best
advertisement. Be familiar with all of the Company material you give to
customers. Develop your own style of enthusiasm and make it part of your
selling personality.
 Think in terms of an ongoing relationship with a customer rather than a one-time
sale. A customer can tell if you’re looking at her with dollar signs in your eyes!
 Time involved in servicing customers is time invested. Contact customers
regularly. Recent research shows that customers prefer to be contacted every six
 Enroll all your customers in the Preferred Customer Program. You can make a
good customer a preferred customer through your reliability, friendliness and
genuine concern. Discuss the advantages and benefits of participating in the
Preferred Customer Program.
 Four Steps of Selling
Sem98—Sales Tips & Techniques
1) Get the customer’s attention. Ask a question, give a compliment.
Give examples, like “I couldn’t help but notice how lovely your complexion is.”
2) Arouse her interest. This usually happens during a skin care class or
whenever you share a product.
Give examples, like “Diane, you mentioned you would like to streamline the time
it takes you to get ready in the mornings. I think you’ll be interested in Mary
Kay’s Creme-To-Powder Foundation, because in using it you can eliminate the
powder step in your makeup regimen.”
3) Build the desire. Link the benefit of the product(s) to her need(s). Tap into
her emotions. Learn to romance the products. Be sure to refer to your
Consultant’s Guide and use the correct words to describe each product. This is
the phase when she experiences the product(s).
Give examples, like “How did you like using the Satin Hands products? Isn’t it
great to have soft, smooth hands in just a few quick minutes?”
4) Close the sale. Assume the sale from the beginning; get her commitment to
buy at the close.
 Get at eye level or lower when you close.
 Give examples of how to match the benefits to her needs.
 Show off the products to customers. Customers will buy with their eyes; they are
really buying the results they see.
 Create value before sharing the price. In the skin care class, the value is
demonstrated by experiencing the products. Selling is really helping her select
her purchase.
 Focus on the basic skin care for first-time customers. Other product lines can
 Offer a gift-with-purchase for the different product sets.
Sem98—Sales Tips & Techniques
 Ask for the sale! If you don’t close the sale, all you are is a “professional visitor.”
Know when to remain silent and let her talk herself into the purchase. Give
examples of questions to ask, like “You seemed to really notice a difference in the
way your skin feels after using Mary Kay’s five-step skin care program. Would
you like to start today with either the basic skin care system, or the basic plus
basic glamour?”
 Show her how much you appreciate her purchase, whether she buys a lipstick or
one of everything.
 If she definitely chooses not to buy anything at the skin care class, keep the door
open by sending a beauty book with her, inviting her to a unit event, etc.
 Selling Sentences
 Give some examples of selling sentences to use throughout the skin care class
when romancing the products and at the individual close.
 Close
 Offer a sales-related challenge for them to complete within a week of returning
home from Seminar.
Sem98—Sales Tips & Techniques