Encore English 12 name: Corey Cheek Mrs. Sharp period

Encore English 12
Mrs. Sharp
name: Corey Cheek
Photography Vocabulary
Basic Vocabulary
Content-The individual items or topics that are dealt with in a publication or document
Image by: David T. Waller
This image shows content this is a color wheel created by 2,500 old toy cars.
Abstract-thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances
Image by:Carl
This image shows abstract by the thought of jazz he used
through the instruments.
Image by: Henri Matisse
The name of this photo is called The Yellow Curtain. This image has a fauvist
color and drawling Matisse comes close to pure abstraction.
Representational- an image which shows recognizable objects content the subject, topic or information
captured in a photograph.
Image by:Leonardo Da vinci
This image is Mona Lisa this image is recognizable because
people can relate to because the picture look realistic.
Expressive-concerned with communicating emotion.
Image by:A Young Child
Expressing and processing through his anger, the same young
child created, "Hurt and Angry Cloud." Through courageously accessing his hurt, sad and scared feelings
around the abuse from his past, this child was able to move on in his life... with more joy and energy in the
Subject-the main object or person(s) in a photograph.
Image by: Richard Esposito
This image shows subject by the two couple holding hands
under bridge.
Theme- a unifying or dominant idea in one work of art or in a collection of works.
IntentionDocumentary photography-photographs whose main purpose is to record a place, person(s) or event.
Image by:Dorthea Lang
This image is called Migrant Mother this photo shows hard times back
in the 30’s during the Great Depression.
Landscape-an image that portrays the natural environment. Portrait-an image that portrays an individual
or individuals.
Image by: Shen Zhou
This photo is called poet on a mountain c.1500 this photo shows
landscape by the white clouds around the mountain/stone steep mount high into the void where the
path leads far.
Visual Elements
Focus- what areas appear clearest or sharpest in the photograph?
Light- what areas of the photograph are most highlighted? Are there any shadows?
Line- are there objects in the photograph that act as lines? Are they straight, curvy, thin, thick?
Geometric shape-simple rectilinear or curvilinear shapes found in geometry, such as circles, squares,
triangles, etc.
Organic shape-shapes based on natural objects such as trees, mountains, leaves, etc.
Image by: Brian R. Page
This photo shows organic shape by the architecture based on
the rock form.
Texture- if you could touch the surface of the photograph how would it feel? How do the objects in the
picture look like they would feel ?
Image by:Grant Mcdonald
Images a two dimensional thing yet with the clever use of ‘texture’
they can come alive and become almost three dimensional.
Value/Tones- is there a range of tones from dark to light? Where is the darkest value? Where is the
Angle/Vantage Point- the place from which a photographer takes a photograph.
Background- the part of a scene or picture that is or seems to be toward the back.
Balance-the distribution of visual elements in a photograph.
Central focus-the objects(s) which appears most prominently and/or most clearly focused in a photo.
Image by:Jess
the flower’s details.
the vibrant purple petals and the central focus on
Composition- the arrangement or structure of the formal elements that make up an image.
Image by:actionlovr
This image shows composition by the pattern scheme Emphasizing
and highlighting these patterns can lead to striking shots as can high lighting when patterns are broken.
Contour- the outline of an object or shape.
Image by:Ben Rhaves
This photo shows contour by the outline of the net line this
model has in front of her face
Contrast- strong visual differences between light and dark, varying textures, sizes, etc.
Image by:Narendra
This image shows contrast by the difference of lighting in the
mirror. The texture also varies in this if you look at the trees in the back.
Framing-what the photographer has placed within the boundaries of the photograph.
Image by:Darkmatter
Framing gives an image of depth this image draws attention
to the boys eyes.
Rule of ThreesSetting-actual physical surroundings or scenery whether real or artificial.
Image by:
This image represents setting of a field with grey clouds and sunshine
shining through the clouds.This image allows you to see the full image of the picture.
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