A Message from the Principal: Mrs. Meinhardt:
Thank you to the students in ASB, Ms. Frace, Mrs. Linquist, Mrs. Thiry and all others who helped make our 3rd
Annual Turkey Trot a fabulous success. The students put in many laps and earned a Thanksgiving feast.
Mrs. McMullen has been collaborating with classroom teachers to create winter programs that connect with
classroom activities. The K-2 classes have each picked a different country and they will present holidays around
the world. The 3rd -5th classes have been studying different times in American History so will be showcasing
what holidays looked like in 1814. Please join us for these educational and enjoyable programs. Ocean Park
students will only be attending the program they are participating in. Since our gym becomes filled with
parents, friends and families we have students watch the rehearsals then they can remain in their classrooms
for the actual performance, continue with lessons and there is more room for our visitors.
Over our two-week winter break, please help your child be ready to come back to school in January by reading
every day, writing daily in a journal or diary and practicing math facts.
Have a wonderful holiday and break with your children!
FOOPS next meeting will be on Thursday, Januaryr 8th at 3:00 pm in the Ocean Park Elementary library.
K-2nd Grades- December 9th -- 2:00-2:30 pm
3 -5th Grades – December 10th – 2:00-2:30 pm
December 2014 OPSM’s
Sawyer Linquist
Everest Sandvig
Sarait Diaz
Lucas Skillings Cristofer Diaz Lilliana
Shayla Flores Randy Galvan Candice Skillings
Karen Moreno-Diaz Cameron Eros
Julianna Fleming Nicholas Holtermann Micheal Jensen
Evey Miller Angel Avilia Garcia
Caden Perez
Angel Gutierrez Wolfgang Miklos
Hallynn Chipman Evalyn Rice
Hayzel Sager Sharon Merino Jaquelyne Aburto Tyler Gillmore
Breanna Lynch
Crystal Brumitt
Sam Stark
Zarina Miklos
Elliot Chlouber Ethan Glansbeek
OPSM Badges
PARENTS: If your child has earned their OPSM and have chosen to put it on a lanyard, make sure that it is
a break-away lanyard. Please check lanyards before purchasing them so we can avoid any lanyard caused
Way to go everyone! We raised $2,952.25 for new Playground Monkey Bars during our “2014 Turkey Trot”.
2014 Fire Prevention Week Poster Contest Winners
Kaitlyn Banuet, Randy Galvan, Aili Tynkila, Giselle Gardner, Phoebe
Smith, Aliyah Holmes, Alex West, Claribeth Merino, Brent Curry, Mikaila
Warfield, Zion Anderson, Destiny Sifuentes, Westin Billeci, Annessa Duffy,
Melody Brum, Joey Harrison, Bryce Cote’ and Lucas Hart.
2014 Fire Prevention Essay Contest Winners
Zarina Miklos, Dylan Wheeler, Nakayla Kendall, Chloe Stringer, Destiny Sifuentes and Lily Freeman
Congratulations Everyone!
Monday, Dec. 15th 8:00 am – 3:00 pm-Viewing Only
Tuesday, Dec. 16th 8:00 am – 4:00 pm – Purchasing Day
Wednesday, Dec. 17th 8:00 am – 4:00 pm- Purchasing Day
Thursday, Dec. 18th 8:00 am – 4:00 pm – Purchasing Day
Friday, Dec. 19th 8:00 am – 12:00 pm – Purchasing Day
A great place to shop for Christmas Gifts!
DECEMBER: Volleyball Rules and Skills
Lots of games and sports require the physical ability to strike an object – whether with an implement of some kind – or simply with the hand.
Our Ocean Park students just finished a unit on striking a ball with a racquet. This month the focus will be on striking a ball with the hands. A
popular playground game that introduces a simple hand strike is 4- square. Students will practice skills and learn rules. Also, rules for
Volleyball will be reintroduced to upper grades, and basic skills taught to primary age though lead up games like balloon volleyball, and
Additionally – kids will revisit and review past units to this point and work out on Wednesdays to improve upper
and lower body strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular endurance.
Parents – once again, a reminder to please be sure your student has comfortable tennis shoes for use in the gym
during physical education classes. We want your kids to be happy, successful and involved! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Information on Ocean Park fitness assessments for physical education can be found online at
Volleyball : teaches and then reinforces physical skills of…
Striking an object with the hands
Target aiming
Hand – eye coordination
As well as cognitive learning: knowledge of …
Safe participation
Questions or concerns? Call OP school or email [email protected]
Physical Fitness – “You have to move – to improve!”
Mr. Meinhardt
Ocean Park Health and Fitness
Gingerbread Houses - On the morning of December 19th Ms. Bruncke's class,
Mrs. Curry's class and Mrs. Stotts' class will be building gingerbread houses. Teachers will
be sending home individual class needs.
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