Lesson 2

Kingdoms of Life
Lesson 2: Classifying Living Things
How are living things classified?
 to classify living things their traits, or characteristics, must be studies
 examples: how they get food, how they reproduce, how they move
 A kingdom is the largest group a living organism can be put into
 six different kingdoms: archaea, bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, animals
 all organisms will share same basic traits
 4 traits used: number of cells, nucleus, food, movement from place to place
 Additional Vocabulary:
 classify – put things that share properties into groups
How are organisms grouped within a kingdom?
What kind of organisms only have one cell?
 bacteria and archaea
 do not have a nucleus
 most protists
 have a nucleus
 algae
 some fungi
 have traits of both plants and animals
 have a nucleus
 yeast
 Additional Vocabulary:
 microorganism – living things too small to be seen just with the eye
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