How do Chinese parents name their kids?

Background Knowledge
How do Chinese parents name their kids?
Every single Chinese syllable has meaning(mostly more than one
meaning, except that family names have no meaning), and every single
Chinese word only has one syllable, when Chinese parents give their
children names, they usually pick up 2 to 3 words (syllables), some of
them pick up 4, but it is very rarely seen. And the first syllable is
Chinese’s family name, the rest 1 or 2 are their given names.
This is Chinese teacher’s name: 2 words (syllables)
Her family name.
*family name is
only a name, has
no meaning
l ú
芦 宪
Her given name,
Her parents liked a news hostess named DU XIAN a lot, who is pretty
and nice and smart, so they picked up this name. Also, they want a unique
name for her, and this given name is not quite commonly seen. Finally,
they decided on this name.