British School of Ulaanbaatar `To educate global citizens in pursuit

British School of Ulaanbaatar
‘To educate global citizens in pursuit of personal excellence in an
every evolving community to become lifelong learners’
Year Group: Year 2
Teachers: CH, SHa, GC
Academic Year & Term: Term 3 2014
Topic Comparing castles in different
countries (China, Scotland etc)
Features of forests.
Chn create mapsWhere would this
story be set in the world? Why?
Science - Growing a
bean seed :(Jack and
the bean stalk), plant
growth, flowering
Forces: Pushes and
pulls (links to 3 little
Grimm Brothers – find out when they
wrote stories on a timeline, when they
were born etc.
Literacy - Through Drama and Stories chn
will discover a variety of Fairy tales from a
variety of cultures
Beauty and the Beast –
not judging by looks.
The Little Mermaid – be
happy with what you
have got.
Grimm Brothers: find Germany on the
map, research Germany.
Castles – what were houses like long
ago? Features of castles (Geography
a Time
. Do they all start/end in Create a
storyboard / story mountain of events from
a fairy tale
Little Red Riding Hood
– Stranger danger.
Chn to solve basic number problems
using magic beans (broad beans spray
painted in gold) as a counting aid
Measure and record growth results of
Explore measure and size of a giant’s
footstep left on the playground
overnight. Explore measuring tools.
Instruction texts – making porridge,
sandwiches for fairytale picnic, how to
plant a bean seed etc
Ryhmes / Poetry: Fee Fi Fo fum
Data handing: survey favourite fairytale
characters, create pictograms / block
graphs of results.
Non Chronological Report about wolves.
Capacity: making magic potions.
Jolly postman letters, invitations to the ball.
Discuss and draw sleeping beauty dreams
Art - making
puppets for roleplay .
Study Paul Klee
techniques, and
replicate the famous
'Castle and Sun'
Fairytale problem solving stories.
Measure height of beanstalks and order