4a0c0127 劉香妘

4a0c0127 劉香妘
Last Monday, my classmates and I were in class meeting. We had a silence
time on this meeting because we had some problems in our meeting. If I had
calmed myself, we would not have embarrassed my classmates by my
emotion. I had some bad emotion from our meeting because everybody looked
like very indifferent in this issue. Had they thought more about this issue, I
would have not wrangled with them. After then, I felt so regretted that I said
something angrily to them. If I controlled my emotion for the better next
moment, we will not happen this situation in our class. Now I'm working hard to
learn how to control my emotion and personality carefully because I don't want
to this situation happen again. If I controlled my emotion carefully, I would
become more kindness and have more friends.