WebVoyage Meeting Minutes

WebVoyage Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 9am - 11am
JABSOM Health Sciences Library
Present: Erica Chang (UHM), Carol Hasegawa (HCC), Carla Hose (Sinclair), Brian Huffman
(Law), Carol Kellett (UHM), Krissy Kahikina (UHM), Angela Lee (JABSOM), Nancy Sack (UHM),
Jan Sung (WCC), Kapena Shim (UHM), Annie Thomas (Kapiolani CC), Ralph Toyama
(Leeward CC) and Chair Mariko Kershaw (WCC)
Via Halawai: Gailyn Bopp (LIS representative), Carolyn Dennison (UHM), Alphie Garcia
(UHWO), Michael Gmeilin (Kauai CC), Kathleen Stacey (UH-Hilo)
Absent: Laurel Gregory (West Hawaii Center), Marlene Oishi (QMC Hawaii Medical Library), BJ
Short (Bishop Museum), Sachi Kawaiaeo (Honolulu Museum of Art), Ellen Peterson (Maui
Guest: Thumy Webb (LIS Intern)
Voyager Version: 9.1.1
Recorder: Lee
Call to order: Chair Kershaw called the meeting to order at 9:04am.
Approve August 19, 2015 minutes were approved with 2 corrections:
Correction: Language help text: An intern at UH Hilo worked on suggestions for alternative
example “voyage.” Stacey (UH-Hilo) re-corrected stating she didn’t recall saying this.
Correction: Announcements: Kahikina: Jean Thoulag has left for Access Services. Since
Katherine Fisher left, ongoing collection assessment of old journals on 2nd floor has slowed.
3rd floor will close at night when AV closes.
Report from Library Council Liaison (Sung)
There continues to be a debate about deleting patron borrowing record information. The
decision is now to keep last patron’s information on the record item.
Old business
A. Shared UH e-resources: Sinclair streaming videos (Kellett)
Kellett and Sack are waiting to hear from Peter Shirts (Sinclair) about the use the
URL stem for media streaming. There are currently 3 URLs in use at Sinclair. There
is also a debate about what wording gets displayed.
B. Review of WebVoyage Help Screens (Stacey)
1. Help text for other tabs, besides Basic and Advanced
a. The Basic and Advanced help pages are already completed.
b. Updating and editing the help text pages is a complicated process. The
links are convoluted and content is either inconsistent or insufficient.
There are help tabs at the top and bottom of every page, and contextual
help tabs for every landing page. The problem with the help text is that
wording varies from page to page, the links go to different pages, certain
options (such as email/print/save) are no longer available nor do they
provide helpful instructions, and a number of pages have a 404 error.
Next Action: Hilo will continue to work on the other help pages
c. There is a Hawaii Voyage Help Contents page (i.e., similar to a Help
Index or Help TOC) that could be useful for other purposes. It currently
appears at the bottom of each help page, if you click on Get more help.
d. Recommendations:
i. Top Help tab should stay contextual; bottom Help tab should be
renamed Help Topics and linked to the Help Contents.
Next Action: Kellett will relabel the bottom Help tab as “Help
Topics” and link it to the Help index.
ii. Remove WebVoyage as a heading and replace with Hawaii
Voyager as the header or remove it.
Next Action: Each rep will consult their site on how to edit the title.
2. Dissertation help text – This has been implemented in Advanced Search
3. Language help text “Voyage” – Suggest using a Hawaiian word as the example
for language limit.
Next Action: Stacey will send new wording to Kellett to replace “voyage.”
C. Label for intrasystem article request link (Gmelin)
The request link is needed because Kauai CC Library is closed and the staff has
been relocated. Gmelin reminded librarians to be aware that there may be more
ILL/ISL student requests coming out of Kauai CC because of the library closure.
D. Hawaii Pacific Journal Index (Kellett) – Still in progress
Next Action: Kellett and Kleiber will continue to work on it.
E. Results relevance sorting missing (Kellett) – Still troubleshooting
Next Action: Kellett will continue to work on it.
F. Cover images in item records missing (Kellett) – Still troubleshooting
Next Action: Kellett will continue to work on it.
New Business
A. Remove “Catalog Errors -- Not For Requests” from “Get This Item” (Kellett)
1. This is part of the OPAC Configuration Request Forms options.
2. Kellett suppressed the Catalog Errors – Not for Requests” option in Get This Item
during the meeting. The new procedure for reporting cataloging errors is to
contact [email protected] with subject line: Caterrors.
Next Action: Kellett will send an email to the Sites-L listserv, explaining the
change and how to report catalog errors.
3. Other Get This Item issues:
a. Change: UH Manoa Hawn/Pac or Spec. Research Coll. to Page item from
Hawaiian, Pacific or Spec Coll. (Comment from Stacey that it needs to be
clear that this is for UHM items)
b. Change: [JABSOM] IntraSystem Article Requests to Request article or
book chapter: Send it to [JABSOM]
Next Action: Reps from sites not using the wording “Request Article:
send it to SITE NAME” will ask to have the wording changed.
c. UH Faculty Classroom Showing Request – need clearer description about
this option; this option is referring to Sinclair AV Media reservation.
Next Action: Reps will ask their sites how they want to reword the
caption/title and instructions.
4. Factors to consider: How form options are worded and maintaining consistency,
apprising Circulation staff about wording, and the 40-character limit for form
B. Primo webinars (Kershaw)
Luree Ohigashi-Oasay alerted Kershaw that there are 2 Primo webinars coming up in
the next month: (1) Effective searching in Primo on Wednesday, 10/21/15, and (2) Primo
& Relevancy Ranking on Monday, 11/30/15. Each session will cost about $200 each.
Committee members indicated no interest in either webinar.
Next Action: Kershaw will inform Ohigashi-Oasay.
C. How to search for/limit by microfilm (Shim)
Shim inquired about establishing a search field or format limiter for microfilm. Currently,
you cannot easily find microfilm with keyword search. As a workaround, one can do an
advanced search for MICRO? [HOLDINGS] AND KEYWORD [KEYWORD].
Next Action: Kellett will try to add a microform format or type limiter to the Advanced
Announcements (All)
Thomas (WCC): Study hub for math and writing support center in the library. Looking
to hire student coordinator
Sung (WCC): Sarah Gray has been hired as a Collection
Management/Reference Librarian. Jan will be returning to UHM. WCC is also in
search of Library Tech 5.
Kellett: Systems has new system intern named Thumy Webb.
Hasegawa (HCC): Record gate count from 900 to over 1000 this fall. Investigating
why Laulima becomes inactive after a certain length of time.
Chang (Sinclair): Testing videostreaming
Shim (UHM): HLA conference registration is open
Stacey (UH-Hilo): ?
Gmelin (Kauai CC): Reminder to expect higher ISL requests from Kauai CC
Dennison (UHM): There are 2 new librarians at BHSD
Alphie (UHWO): Sara out on maternity leave. UHWO looking for casual hire.
Adjourned meeting at 11:01am
Next meetings, recorders & meeting locations:
October 21, 2015 - Kapena Shim (UHM)
November 18, 2015 - Annie Thomas (KCC)
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