Institutional Repository 2013

ScholarSpace & Open
UH Mānoa
March 2013
Beth Tillinghast
Web Support Librarian
ScholarSpace & eVols Project Manager
UHM Library
What is an Institutional
A system that provides a home for the research
output created at a university
preprints and articles
technical reports and bulletins
e-theses and dissertations
conference papers
A database system to store, search, and retrieve
digital objects
audio & video
learning objects
What can an IR
help you do?
Long-term storage
Helps to prevent the loss of digital material
Persistent network identifiers
Consistency checks for files
Preservation of certain file formats
Recapture an institution’s intellectual
content from commercial publishers
Provide local control of this content
Organizational Purpose
Increase both the speed of delivery and
the impact of faculty research
Showcase the University’s research
Centralized system to house digitized
Manage our institution’s “grey literature”,
such as technical reports
Provide Open Access
Open Access
Literature that is digital, online, free of
charge, and free of most copyright
Supports and values peer review
Removes access barriers immediately at
time of publication and in full-text format
Utilizes Creative Commons licenses
Factors Contributing to Open
Scholarly Communication Crisis
1. Serial-subscription costs
2. Restrictive licensing terms
Issues with limiting access
1. Lower visibility
2. Loss of research impact
3. Lower returns on investment for the
institution and research funding agencies
Wide-spread use of Internet and availability of
Sources supporting research
Open Access Policy
Federal Policies
Institutional Policies
UHM Policy
Repository Adoption Levels
2005 : IRs at 40% universities ; 6% colleges2.
2009 : Over 90% of universities & colleges
have IRs3.
Major players
DSpace and Fedora ------now DuraSpace
Open source software, freely available4
Capture digital content in any format
(text, video, audio, and data)
Indexes materials, users can search and retrieve
Distributes content over the Internet
Preserves digital work over the long term
DSpace Community
DSpace Improvements
Need for a collaborative work area
More granularity for creation of reports
Better stats reporting function
More training opportunities
ScholarSpace at
UH Mānoa
Start with UH Manoa in 2007
Current communities of interest :
Open access online journals
Departmental publications
Research output of University Centers
E-theses and dissertations
Special projects
-Working with funding agencies
-Data Sets
-Student Work
Why should YOU submit your
Your research can be of help to other
You will be supporting Open Access and
taking part in a new way of publishing.
You will will be published, which always
looks good on a resume!!
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