Answer Key to week 11/17

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SCIENCE Answer Key week of 11/17
Relax! Take a deep breath! Count backwards from 10! Now
take your quiz!
1. Which of the following is a way chemical properties are used?
a) Separating metals using magnets
b) Filtering sand from water
c) Breaking down materials around fossils
d) Removing carrots from soup
2. Chemical properties can be used to separate some mixtures.
(Chemical, gas)
3. A solution is a uniform mixture of two substances. (solution, base)
True or False
4. True Heat and carbon are used to release iron from ore
5. False Weak acids react more easily with materials than do strong
acids and bases.
6. True Lemon juice and vinegar are acids
7. How might a scientist do and experiment to tell whether a substance
is a base or an acid (1 point)
A scientist could test the substance using an indicator or the universal
indicator paper
8. How might a scientist distinguish between strontium chloride and
potassium chloride? (1 point)
The scientist could use a flame test to distinguish between strontium
chloride and potassium chloride. Strontium chloride will burn reddish
orange and potassium chloride will burn bluish purple.
9. What color do you think indicator would turn if it were dipped in
shampoo? Explain your answer. (2 points)
Shampoo will turn the indicator blue, green, or purple. Shampoo is a
base like other common household cleaning products. It is slippery and
tastes bitter. Bases generally turn the indicator paper blue, green, or
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