Patient Group Constitution

1) Name
The Group shall be known as the Chagford Health Centre Patient Participation
2) Association
The Patient Participation Group shall have the right to become affiliated to the
National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP)
3) Administration
The Patient Participation Group and its property shall be administered and
managed in accordance with this Constitution by the members of the
4) Objective
The objective of the Patient Participation Group is to promote the interests of
both the patients and the Practice, achieved through open two-way
communication and co-operation.
In so doing it will at all times respect diversity and the principals contained
within the Equality Act 2010
5) Methodology
Members of the Patient Participation Group should act as a direct
communication channel between the Practice and the community in order to
help patients use facilities to the best advantage and the Practice to implement
policies influenced by representative patient views.
Where practicable the Practice should also inform the Patient Group of general
practice policies relating to the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) to which
the Practice belongs.
The Patient Group should filter back to the Practice any community or health
education ‘needs’, for consideration and implementation if realistic and/or
The Patient Participation Group has the option to assist in the provision of
facilities, support services or equipment not normally provided by the NHS.
6) Membership
This shall be open and free to all patients and staff of the Practice.
Membership will be inclusive of all genders and ethnicities and will not be
based on political, religious or other characteristics of individuals.
The Patient Participation Group shall be non-political and non-sectarian, at all
times respecting diversity and exemplifying its commitment to the principals
contained within the Equality Act 2010.
Membership will cease if a patient, for whatever reason, resigns from the
Patient List.
Any patient may self-nominate for election to the Committee at the AGM
(Annual General Meeting).
6a) Virtual Membership
This facility shall also be open to all patients on the practice list.
Communication shall be via Email. Virtual Members shall receive information
and shall be updated on matters being discussed by the Committee and their
opinions sought.
Virtual Members are not required to attend any Committee meetings.
If any matter goes to a Committee vote, Virtual Members are to be canvassed
for their vote and a response will be expected within 24 hours, otherwise a
proxy vote will be assumed by the Chairperson.
A member of the Committee shall be allocated to liaise with the Virtual Group
to ensure inclusivity.
If membership of the Virtual Group grows to such an extent, one member of
that group may be identified to act as the liaison between the Committee and
the Virtual group.
There will be a standard item on the Patient Participation Group Agenda
identifying any issues or agenda items raised by the Virtual Group.
7) Committee and Officers
The Patient Participation Group shall be managed by a Committee of a
maximum of twelve members, which shall include up to four officers,
consisting of a Chairperson, Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.
a) The Committee shall be empowered to manage the affairs of the Patient
Participation Group and to take any action on its behalf to further the aims of
the Group.
b) The Committee should undertake to meet not less than four times between
two AGMs.
c) Committee Members and Officers will undertake to attend at least two
meetings a year (Unless there are extenuating circumstances for the absence
which the Committee accepts). If a Member does not attend a minimum of
two meetings and cannot claim extenuating circumstances, then the “active”
members of the Committee shall vote on the termination or the continuance
of the absentee’s Committee Membership.
Additionally, to ensure that an active Patient Participation Group is
maintained, in the absence of any apologies, or contact to the contrary, any
member with non-attendance recorded at three consecutive meetings will be
deemed to have resigned from the Committee and will be transferred to the
Virtual Group. Any resulting vacancy can be offered to another registered
d) The Practice should be represented by a Partner and/or the Practice
8) Election & Retirement of Committee Members
All members of the Committee including Officers shall retire annually at the
Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible to be re-elected or co-opted
If more than one nomination is received for an Officer Position then a vote will
take place.
9) Voting
All questions arising from any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of
those present and entitled to vote, and where relevant to include Virtual
Members, who will be applied to as per section 6a.
In the case of an equal vote, the person chairing the meeting shall have a
second or casting vote.
Occasionally it may be necessary to obtain agreement from the Committee on
an issue which does not affect the Constitution, but which is required before
the next scheduled meeting. In such circumstances members of the Committee
may register their vote online to the Chairperson.
10) Quorum
At any meeting four members, that shall include at least one Officer, shall form
a quorum.
11) Minutes
Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary who shall enter a record of all
proceedings and resolutions. Minutes shall be drafted and distributed as soon
as possible. Any disagreement that any member of the Group may have
reference the minutes, as recorded and produced, is to be notified to the
Coordinator or Secretary as soon as possible and no less than 14 days prior to
the date of the next scheduled meeting.
12) Finance
All monies raised by or on behalf of the Group shall be applied to further the
objectives of the Group, and for no other purposes. A statement of accounts
shall be submitted by the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.
13) Annual General Meeting
Once a year an Annual General Meeting shall be held, at which any patient on
the Patient List shall be entitled to attend.
The date of this meeting should be advertised in the Practice not less than 14
days prior to the meeting.
The meeting shall be for the purpose of:
1: Presenting the Annual Report of the activities of the Group during the
previous year.
2: Presenting a statement of accounts.
3: Voting in and appointing Committee Members and Officers.
5: When necessary voting on proposals to amend this Constitution in
accordance with Clauses 15 & 16.
14) Special General Meeting
A Special General Meeting shall be held if one third or more of the voting
members of the current Committee request it in writing, stating the reasons
for the request to the Chairperson via the Health Centre. The date of the
meeting should be advertised in the Practice for at least 14 days in advance
and must be held within 21 days of receipt of a written request. The meeting
shall be for the purpose of altering the constitution in accordance with clause
14 or of considering any matter referred to it by the Committee or for any
other purpose.
15) Dissolution
If the Committee proposes at any time that it is necessary to dissolve the
Group it shall call a Special General Meeting to consider the matter which will
be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote, and
Virtual Members will be canvassed for their vote as per Section 6a and
thereafter a decision will be made. If such a decision is confirmed, the
Committee will have the power to dispose of any assets held by the Group.
Any assets remaining after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be
passed on to the Practice to be used specifically for the benefit of the patients.
16) Alterations to the Constitution
This Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed at an Annual General
meeting or at a Special General Meeting. Any such proposal to alter the
Constitution must be delivered in writing to the Chairperson via the Health
Centre, not less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting at which it is to
be considered and advertised together with the date of the meeting.
Virtual Members will be applied to as per section 6a and thereafter a decision
will be made.
17) Confidentiality
Chagford Health Centre Patient Participation Group does not possess, nor does
it seek to obtain any individual patient medical record. If any information does
come into its possession from a patient, it will maintain strict confidentiality.
No patient data will be held by the Patient Group on any computer system or
18) Complaints
Any complaint about the Patient Participation Group should be addressed in
writing to the Chair of the Group via the Health Centre.
This constitution was adopted as the Constitution of the Chagford Health
Centre Patient Participation Group at a meeting of the incumbent Committee
on 5th August 2015
The Patients Association Patients Participation Group Information Pack 2015
Ridgeway Surgery Patient Group Constitution (NAPP Document)
Market Street Practice Patient Group Constitution (Chagford H.C. Document)
College Surgery Patient Group, Cullompton, Constitution
Lime Tree Surgery Patient Group, Worthing, Constitution
Draft 1 01/03/15
Draft 2 06/07/15
Draft 3 29/07/15
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