Chapter 17.1 Earth Systems Glacier Formation Chart

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Chapter 17.1 Earth Systems Glacier Formation Chart
Directions: Sketch and label the glacial formation. You may use the chart on my web site or the
chart available in the classroom.
Earth System Standard and element:
SES6. Students will explain how life on Earth responds to and shapes Earth systems.
d. Relate the past and present actions of ice, wind, and water to landform distribution and
landscape evolution.
Placed chart in notebook behind the Chapter 17 Word Study
after being checked. (Thursday, Feb. 28)
____ yes ____ no
Sketch was shaded, accurate, and included all glacial points.
____ yes ____ no
All 16 labels were accurately placed.
____ yes ____ no
Sketch, labels, and definitions were accurate, neatly drawn and
written, not abbreviated, and large enough to be easily read.
____ yes ____ no
Glacier - A large, perennial accumulation of ice, snow, rock, sediment and liquid water originating
on land and moving down slope under the influence of its own weight and gravity; a dynamic river
of ice. Glaciers are classified by their size, location, and thermal regime.
bergschrund (from the German for mountain cleft) - a crevasse that forms where a moving glacier
ice separates from the stagnant ice or firn above
firn - ice that is at an intermediate stage between snow and glacial ice
cirque - a mass of ice and snow that forms in a hollow, semi-circular area of rock
moraine - material transported by a glacier and then deposited. There are eight types of moraine,
six of which form recognizable landforms, and two of which exist only whilst the glacier exists.
riegel - bedrock that have been exposed by glacial erosion
crevasse - a deep crack in an ice sheet or glacier (as opposed to a crevice, which forms in rock)
serac - a block or column of ice formed by intersecting crevasses on a glacier
glacial tongue - the first part of a glacier that is shaped like a tongue
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