To valued Member of Aldgate CC,
During the AGM held in early July I was once again selected as club President of the Aldgate CC. As
in previous years there were some discussions at this meeting regarding both the cricket clubs
direction for the future, along with plans to implement some changes in anticipation of making us a
better club both on and off the field and to also gain financial stability for future years.
I am pleased to announce that Anthony Tucker has been appointed senior cricket coach for the
2015/16 season. His role at the club this year will be the following;
To create and implement a high quality coaching programme, to maximise participation and
performance of competitive teams in all senior grades
To undertake the necessary planning for each activity session to ensure the programme
demonstrates progression throughout
To ensure all equipment associated with the coaching programme is correctly set up,
maintained, stored and returned on completion of the coaching programme
Promote and increase awareness of the Aldgate Cricket Club within the Adelaide Hills and
To provide appropriate mentoring, support and guidance to players
To continually monitor and evaluate all sessions, activities and programmes
To be a part of the selection committee for every game
Consult with the team captains about the aims for the year
Plan and deliver coaching sessions appropriate to the ability of participants
Identify and recruit, in line with club procedures, additional volunteers to assist in the
running of club activities, e.g. parents
To reinforce that players are to play in the grade they are picked. And play under the club
Anthony comes to the club with a wealth of Cricket coaching experience and will become an integral
part of the Aldgate CC success moving forward.
I would also like to announce that Danny Corbett has been appointed as A grade captain for the
upcoming season, he will work closely with Anthony and all senior grade captains to once again be
You as players of the Aldgate CC will also play an integral part in the success of our club. We will
however all need to be pushing this barrow in the same direction so I ask you for your backing
behind me and the committee to do what you can for the cricket club when required and please
follow all directions handed down by the committee or the captains of your respective grade.
We have wonderful passionate people on the committee that want to see this be the most
successful cricket club in the hills and with 150 junior members we need something for them to
aspire to and want to be around, if we all work together we can make this a fantastic, successful,
unique and family orientated club that it can be.
It was also voted on at the AGM that there will be some changes to the subs for the 2015/16 season
and they are as follows;
Senior subs will be capped at $150 dollars if paid before November 30th, if not you will NOT
be selected for another game until the $50 penalty and remaining subs totalling $200 dollars
are paid.
If you are a part time cricketer you will need to pay $20 per game played to a maximum of 3
games. Any more games played than the 3 before November 30th you must pay the $150
due, however if you play your 4th game after November 30th then you will be required to pay
a maximum of $200 dollars minus any subs paid previous to November 30th.
This applies to all senior teams.
In other words if you intent playing more than 3 games of cricket during the 2015/16 season the
you might as well pay $150 up front and be done with it.
We will also be asking throughout the year for you to help out with the bar roster and BBQ
roster so if asked please help where necessary.
Both the committee and Anthony are more than happy to listen to any feedback and will be
approachable throughout the year so if you would like to voice an opinion or have a suggestion
please do it in the appropriate manner and only then will we be happy to talk. The cricket club
will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour both on and off the field so please be respectful at all
I looked forward to a happy and successful 2015/16 season.
Many thanks
Ben Bilsborow
President Aldgate CC