- Major assignment #3 - Argument of Definition
Write a 1500-word definitional argument.
Select one of three topics:
1. Choose a word repeated in one or all three of the texts we’ve been reading (AV,
Iceberg, or SMF) and write an argument of definition in which you:
•formulate a controversial or provocative definition
•challenge a definition
•try to determine whether something fits an existing definition
(Adapted from Everything’s an Argument, p. 268).
2. Write a definitional argument in response to Lynn Peril’s essay on pink think (EA, pp.
274, 280-283).
3. Alternatively, define a concept of your own that applies to a similar kind of
stereotypical behavior—for example, dude think or surfer think or geek think. Then argue
that your newly defined concept does, in fact, influence people today. Be sure to provide
clear and compelling examples of the concept in action as it shapes the way that people
think and behave. Consider including a representative image in the body of your analysis.
Your essay needs to include:
A title
An introduction
For the body of your argument, consider the elements detailed in Chapter 9,
“Arguments of Definition,” Everything’s an Argument, on pages 271 to 273: “Thinking
about Organization,” “Getting and Giving Response,” “Evidence for the Claim,” and
“Organization and Style.” Use subheadings as signposts for your reader (see sample
argument on pages 276-279).
A conclusion
-USE MLA STYLE (parenthetical documentation and a list of Works Cited)
-1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point
-insert page numbers in the top right-hand corner