Art Teacher Introduction

Miss R.’s
School Year 2015-2016
Volume 1
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Art Teacher Introduction
Art Advocacy
Did you know that art
appreciation and art skills can
be learned like any other
subject? A big misconception
is that you are either born
being good at art or not.
Drawing, painting, and
sculpture can be learned like
math facts and learning to
read. The benefit of art is once
the basic skills are learned
there can be many ways to
create a work of art.
Not only can you learn these
art skills, but the arts can also
teach you many life skills like
problem solving, valuing
others opinions, a greater sense
of pride in oneself, and so
many other valuable lessons
So the next time you hear
someone say I can’t even draw
stick people. You can tell them
if you really want to you can
learn how to draw people or
learn how to explore your
creative side more!
My name is Miss R. and I have been
teaching art 5 years. I teach at Jefferson,
Woodland Park, Westside, and Bel Air.
The students have art once every 2
weeks with Kindergarten being the
exception coming to art once a week. I
love seeing my student’s personalities
come alive in their work. One of my
goals is to instill in every child an
appreciation for the arts. The arts are a
valuable tool in a student’s education.
Art teaches skills like problem solving
and how to “celebrate multiple
perspectives” along with countless other
life skills.
Art Speaks Video:
Art Room Rules:
Rule 1-Listen to Your
Rule 2-Follow Directions
Rule 3-Work Quietly
Rule 4-Raise Your Hand
Rule 5-Make Smart Choices
Rule 6-Clean Up After
(For each rule)
1. Retraining
2. Seat Change & Retraining
3. Phone Call Home &
4. Class Time in Office
(with phone call home and
visiting with principal) &
*Meeting with parents,
principal, teachers and
What’s Happening in the Art Room?
During the first 2 weeks of school the students have worked hard to review and
learn the art room rules, consequences, and safety drills. We have also started
exploring all types of media (materials an artist uses to create their work of art)
from liquid watercolor to chalk pastels. Students are beginning to learn about
artists like Vassily Kandinsky, Keith Haring, Eric Carle, Jackson Pollock, and
many more! The students also learn interesting facts about the famous Mona
It’s going to be a great year!! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Art Newsletter
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art program!