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Curriculum Vitae/Resume
Mr. PHILIP Ndaloma
BSc. Plant Protection, MSc. Agronomy
First Name
Date of birth
Place of birth / Residence
Contact Phone #
24, April 1, 1966
14 Tawa Street, Bo 2 section,
Bo, Sierra Leone
Sierra Leonean
[email protected]
English/ Mandarin Chinese (fluent)
Diploma in Modern Chinese
Beijing Languages Institute, China
BSc Agronomy / Plant protection
Guangxi Agricultural University
M. Sc Agriculture /Crop Science
Certificate in Leadership
Njala University college
(University of Sierra Leone)
Word of Faith Bible institute
Certificate of Participation
Certificate in Animal Health
& Production
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Trauma Healing, Praise Foundation Centre
(Praise Counseling Center)
Veterinarian without Borders
International, USA.
Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia & Peoples’ Republic of China
I have acquired five (5) years of experienced in the lecture theatre, research activities, academia,
counseling, supervisor of students learning, evaluation of students, Agriculture projects, public services
and administrative functions, consultancy for horticultural and rural farming and development projects
at the University of the Gambia. Three (3) years of experienced including two (2) years nationally
supported local NGOS’ projects in Sierra Leone. Moreover, I have more than four (4) years of
experienced in teaching both in junior and senior Secondary Schools and nine (9) months experienced
as a Pastor in charged, where I carried out all administrative functions in the Free Pentecostal Church,
Bo branch. This was during the war in Sierra Leone. Ten (10) days experienced in curriculum
development on Agriculture Programmed and University research farms. Moreover, I
Performing academic and technical duties / functions at the College of Agriculture and Sustainable
Development ( [formerly Integrated Development Studies( CAIDS)] as delegated to me by the Dean.
CAIDS / Cuttington University (CU). I was involved in three days University of the Gambia’s strategic
plan for Agriculture programme. I am also teaching as a per-time teacher in the college of
Agriculture and Forestry at University of Liberia. Moreover, I have been privilege to develop a training
manual for ACDI / VOCA/ACE for Students internship program and supervised most ACDI/VOCA
extension services and Students’ programmes .
In conclusion , Currently I am a consultant for Farmers Social Enterprises and Educational
Development Services ( FSEEDS), this is a local Nongovernmental organization based in Liberia. This
local NGO is working with more than one thousand farmers across Liberia. In 2010-2011, consultant to
train Central Agriculture Research Institute . ( CARI)
2007- Present
Lecture, Cuttington University
P. O. BOX 10-0277 1000 Monrovia
10 Liberia
Head of Agriculture Department
Perform most academic and technical duties at the College of Agriculture and Integrated
Development Studies as delegated to me by the Dean, CAIDS / CU . I have served in various
capacities in the College of Agriculture and Integrated Development Studies.
2010- July – February 2011.
Acted in the capacity of a Dean, College of Agriculture and Integrated Development Studies,
Cuttington University. Besides this period . I have several time acted as Dean in the College of
Agriculture and Sustainable Development at Cuttington University .
Responsible for lectures, academic counseling, supervision of students learning, evaluation of
students projects, public service and administrative functions including research , Community
outreach programmes and extension education. at Cuttington University .
Per-time Lecturer, College of Agriculture and Forestry
University of Liberia.
Responsible for lectures, academic counseling, supervision of students learning and research (on
Lecturer, University of the Gambia.
P O BOX 3530, Serrekunda ,The Gambia.W/Africa
Responsible for lectures, academic counseling supervision of students learning, evaluation of
students projects, public service and administrative functions, research, Secretary to
Examinations Committee, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, University of the Gambia .
Science and Agriculture Teacher, Freetown
Secondary School for Girls, Freetown, Sierra Leone. W/Africa.
(Junior & Senior Secondary Schools)
Coordinating and Supervising all grade seven units and Science Teacher, responsible for
conducting all practical for Internal and External Examinations .
Sierra Leone, Walihun Women Agriculture and
Development Project
Acted in the capacity of an Instructor and Extension Officer, Co-coordinated all programmes activities
and ensured timely monitoring and implementation of programme activities and agriculture
rehabilitations, provided technical assistance to facilitate food security programmed and food for work
delivery for community based agriculture and other projects beneficiaries. Identified training needs,
conducted assessment, evaluation and inspection of site activities and provided progress report to the
programme Director
Field officer / Coordinator
Sierra Leone Association for people’s
Empowerment Movement (APEM)
Bo ,Sierra Leone
Supervised and trained ten field staff members and project beneficiaries / farmers in technical issues in
agriculture, managed all aspect of programmes and ensured they meet the overall programme
objectives and technical at field level, co-coordinated and assisted the programme Director on project
monitoring, evaluation and preparation of reports for the programme and donor agencies, conducted
needs assessment and technical survey in order to identify and explored further opportunities and cocoordinated all community development and agricultural rehabilitation programmes, (12 months).
Science and Agriculture Teacher A M college
School and cardinal Educational Enterprise
Limited, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Taught Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture and conducted practical works for Internal and External
Examinations Bodies .
1997- 1998
Pastor in charged
Free Pentecostal Church, Bo Branch
Sierra Leone.
Conduct all Divine Services and carried out administrative functions.
Honoured as Special Father by the Baptist Church Representing
Winners’ Church , Winners Chapel International, Gbarnga.
Chairman ,Local Church
Council (L.C.C) and member of the same
Body, Winners Chapel International,
Gbarnga, Bong Country, Liberia.
Participated in animal health and production training with
Vetenarian without Borders International.
FAO / TCP / GAM / (T) project
Faulty of Science and Agriculture,
University of the Gambia
The study tour was made to the following Universities in Ghana: University of Ghana, University of Cape
Coast and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The purposed was to study
Curriculum Development
on Agriculture Programmes and University Research and Training
Development Farms.
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) programme Students Project Supervision
Performance of grains per panicle, plant height and tellers of (75 )seventy-five days Nerica 14 (Oryza Sativa) rice variety in mixed cropping culture. May, 2010.
Response of Suakoko eight (Oryza Sativa) variety growth to nitrogen fertilizer application
.May, 2009.
Comparative Analysis of growth of lowland- Suakoko eight and upland-Lac twenty –eight
(Oryza Sativa) rice varieties on salt stress ecology. May, 2009.
The attitude and practices of farmers towards the use and application of pesticides in Lofa
County. A case study study Zorzor district. May ,2009
Performance analysis of corn (Zea Mays) growth in poultry yard manure application, May
Assessment of inadequacy of household food security in subsistence farming system. A case
study in Zoweinta,Kpaa District, Bong County.May 2011.
The impact of civil conflict on quality rice(Oryza Sativa) seeds processing and storage. A case
study Suakoko District. May ,2012
The best range management practices in Liberia. A case study Twah River District in Nimba
County .May 2011.
Performance of sweet corn (Zea Mays) yield to phosphorus fertilizer application. May 2012.
Investigating cost benefits analysis of conservation agriculture method in Liberia. A case
study on four farmers field schools in suakoko District. May 2010
Response of growth and yield of Suakoko eight (Oryza Sativa) rice variety to phosphorus and
potassium application. May 2008
Comparative analysis of the best processing and preservative method of cassava Manihot
exculenta. May,2012
Assessment of extension service on the production of vegetable crops. A case study Zao,
Mapeama Administrative district, Nimba County 2008
Investigating and assessing problems encounter by small holders livestock farmers in Bong
County. A case study in Suakoko District.May,2012.
Workshop / seminars / conferences /presentation of papers.
Facilitators / Presented on the topic: Medium and Long term solutions to
unsustainable land use and management: Environment Protection Agency (EPA).
Workshop on Sustainable Land Management.
Facilitator /presented on the topic: Cuttington University, College of Agriculture /
Agribusiness and Integrated Development Studies revised curriculum linkages with
sustainable land use and management, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
workshop on sustainable land management.
Facilitator / presented on the topic Community Farming, MIA / JUNDP /GEP workshop
on training of trainers / internship.
Participated as part of ten member in the BSc Agriculture Programmed Curriculum
Development for Agriculture Programmes; Department of Agriculture and Biological
Science. University of Gambia
Participated in the workshop on the impact of HIV / TCP GAM /2905 (T) project
Compedium on Post Harvest Technology and practices
An Assessment of the Biological and Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change on
the Farming of Selected Crops and animals in Panta and Gbarzon Districts in Liberia
Co-consultant for the catholic relief services (CRS), the Gambia on the scope of work
(SOW) for the design and development of manual for farmer field schools using the
IPPM approach. (3 months )
Consultancy for the Farmer Managed Rice Irrigation Project (FMRIP) the Gambia on
the Strategy for Sustainable Seed Production. (2months)
Mr. Jenung Manneh ,Registrar , University of the Gambia, P. O BOX 3530, srekunda,
tell 220 -9896167/ 4394718
E-mail: jenungmanneh yahoo. Com
Prof. Mohamed D. Lahai
Dean,School of Agriculture, Njala University , PMB
Freetown Sierra Leone. Tel (231)-76651849.
Rev. Momoh S Foh JP
Director, Outreach Programmes
Cuttington University.Suakoko, Bong County, P O BOX 10-0277.1000 MONROVIA 10- Liberia Tel: 231
886-740-310 e- mail. remsfoh yahoo . com .
Publicity Secretary
Bo (2) two Youth
Development association
Secretary General
Bo (2) two Associations
Publicity Secretary
Sino- Sierra Leone Alumni
Association for professional
Secretary General
Sino- Sierra Leone
Association for Professional
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