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Learn the connection between Closed Head Injury & FibromyalgiaJanuary 21.
Try a Satellite location near you.
Michigan Holistic Nurses Association
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Closed Head Injury and Fibromyalgia
Connection (print and forward flier)
Susana Stoica, Ph.D., CHTP, C.Ht., QHP
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CTHP, C.Ht.,
Have you bumped your head so you "saw stars" or
Dr Stoica was born a
experienced a more serious head injury such as whiplash,
healer which designated her
as a person who is capable of
sporting injuries or worse?
Do you "space out" when trying to read or listen? (read
 Do you know there is a physical/emotional/energetic
sensing and balancing energy
fields.. One of her strong
points has been healing brain
She has a deep
understanding of the brain
connection between closed head injury and
as both her M.Sc. and Ph.D.
degrees were in brain
function modeling with
electronic circuits (i.e.
 See a demonstration of Energetic methods to detect head
 Discover ways to give effective First Aid at the time of
injury with Energetic Trauma Release.
 Learn about Head Injury induced emotional and physical
stress and adrenal exhaustion.
 See a demo of a Fibromyalgia mitigating method.
Neural Net Technology).
In February 2000, after a
traumatic brain injury, her
life took an unexpected
turn as she was no longer
able to function. She was
really fortunate having
worked with people with
brain injuries as she was
able to use her experience
and eventually found ways
to recover to a level that
she can again function,
teach and heal with
January 21, 2014 Susana Stoica will be at Providence
understanding. (See her
Medical Center in Southfield
Satellite Meetings:
Clarkston- contact Brigitta 248-802-2923
Saline- Contact Roxane, 734-478-
Ziemba RN, MS,
0170 [email protected]
address-359 Crestway Court, Saline MI 48176
Dr Ziemba is our speaker
for March 18th in Southfield
The people attending a Satellite location will see the
with simulcast internet
broadcast to Clarkston and
speaker and powerpoint via computer in live
Saline meeting
locations. Her topic is Pets
time. You will be able to participate in Q & A and
Are Wonderful Support
(PAWS) Pet Therapy. She is
Associate Professor of
Community Health at U of M
receive 2 CNE's
School of Nursing. (See her
biography) (Print or forward
Doors open 6:00 pm for snacks and
networking.Meeting begins 6:45
concludes 9:00pm
Meeting Fee: $3.00 for members, $5.00 for nonmembers.
For people desiring 2 CNE's $10.00 for members and
$15.00 for non-members.
Head Injury
Simple dietary and nutrient
Bring a friend or two and enjoy to life improving self-help
remedy's for Hyper
Focus which has
2 CNE's have been applied for through St. John Health
System (OH-287, 7/1/2015) is an approved provider of
continuing nursing education by the Ohio Nurses
Association (OBN-001-91), an accredited approver by the
American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on
complete dedication to a
task to be able to do it due
symptoms of
procrastination, need for
to lack of focus. Author
ofMen are from Mars, Women
are from Venus, explains in
his new book available in
download that mild head
injury can lead to ADD/ADHD
We are looking for more locations to have Satellite
Meetings. If you want to open you home, office or
classroom to this live presentation just e-mail Ann
[email protected] The first benefit is you will have
the information first without spending money on gasoline
or spending your time on the road going to a farther
location. The second benefit is making new friends and
spreading the word about holistic answers for their lives.
4th Annual
Holistic Nursing
March 14, 2014: Featuring
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Leah
Curtin, RN, ScD(h),
FAAN Troy Marriott, 200 W.
Big Beaver Rd. Troy Mi 48084
Brochure will be available in
December. Call for Poster
Presentations: You are invited
to share your holistic nursing
focused clinical project or
research. Please contact Vicki
Boyce:[email protected]
rgor (313) 343-4035. Deadline
for abstract submission: Jan
31, 2014 sponsored by St John
Providence Health System.
Dementia and Alzheimer's
later in life and can be
prevented.. He has free
videos on his website. This
link will take you to one of the
videos. If you like it click on
the new book video.
January 25, IV
Nurse Day
Sweet Potato
Every year since 1981,
National IV Nurse Day
has honored the
commitment shown and
the outstanding patient
care practiced by infusion
Easy - vegan and
gluten free if
desired. See
recipe. see Nutrition
professionals. Contact
the Infusion Nurse Society
(INS) to learn more and IV
Nurse Day, find our about
local IV Nurse
celebrations in your area,
or search for
commemorative IV Nurse
Day gifts and
products. Contact
INS 781-4409408 [email protected] orww
March 18, 2014
Pet Therapy
Rosemary Ziemba, RN,
MS,PhD is a Clinical
which will lead to Parkinson's,
May 20, Micki
There are many
options for
promoting cervical
health, this article will
be an overview of a
few holistic choices.
Since this is National
Cervical Health Month
and I work for an
Integrative Medicine
Doctor I will write a few
words about holistic
Assistant Professor of
Community Health Nursing
at U of M School of
Nursing. She will present on
March 18th at
Providence Southfieldabout
Pet Therapy. This presentation
will be simulcast to Satellite
in Clarkston,Saline as above
and a new location in West
Bloomfield. CNE Event
Iridologist, Herbalist for
36 years will enlighten
us onFlower
Essences. Micki our most
popular speaker is
returning to speak for us!
CNE Event.
September 2628 Save the
Howell Conference &
Nature Center, W of
Brighton will be the
encor location for the
2014 MHNA Annual
April 15- Yoga
Psychiatrically at
Risk Moms
Research Meeting: Maria
Muzik, MD, MS from the
Department of Psychiatry at
University of Michigan Health
System will talk about a pilot
study she was involved
with. For now we are calling
it"Prenatal Mindfulness Yoga
for Psychiatrically at-risk
Women- Results from a Pilot
Study" More details later. Most
Retreat: Since last years
event sold out and
everyone wanted to come
back we reserved 2
lodges next door to each
other. One lodge is
pictured above. Indoor
and outdoor CNE classes
& activities are planned
including the Zip Line
which I rode twice last
year, it is a thrill!! More
information later.
3rd Annual- All
About Food Feb
approaches to Cervical
During the screening
for cervical health
sometimes changes in
the cells moving
toward lack of health
becomes apparent.
Other times organisms
are found such as
Human Papillomavirus
(HPV) is diagnosed.
Here is current
information about
HPV written
by Marianne
Marchese, ND. I
would also like to
suggest reading “AntiCancer: A New Way of
Life” by David ServanSchreiber, MD. You
may find
thisnewsletter telling
Nosode valuable.(read
June Vision
Potluck picnic, vision
casting for
MHNA: Meet us in an
park near Plymouth on
a date to be
likely will be held at U of M and
the Satellite locations
Clarkston, Saline, West
Bloomfield. CNE Event
12 8am-4pm
Macomb County ISD
44001 Garfield, Clinton
Twp, MI 48038: The
whole day will be
abundant in
information. A special
highlight wil occur at 10
am when MHNA member
Leslie Goch will share her
later. A Labyrinthpres
entation and
experience included in
the afternoon event.
heart on how she used
local foods and the
Specific Carbohydrate
Diet to heal her husband's
Crohn's. But that's only a
small part of this
conference which is open
to everyone! There is a
slew of speakers who will
cover a variety of topics
related to healthy eating,
cooking, connecting to
farmers, and cottage food
laws to name a few. The
cost for the entire day is
only $20, (pre-register by
Jan 31 or $25 at door)
which includes a
delicious, locally-made
lunch with locally-sourced
ingredients.(see more
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Heusted, MHNA Publicity Chair:
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