2014 USTA/Maryland
Player Refund Reimbursement
New Policy
The Maryland District’s new player refund reimbursement policy follows (the Maryland District will not
issue checks to individual players):
Area League Coordinator requires any player/captain seeking a refund to complete and submit
an approved “Player Deletion Form” (attached).
2. All such forms are sent to the area league coordinator or designee for review and approval.
3. Area league coordinator retains all individual Player Deletion Forms that are filed, and remain
available for review or production.
4. Area league coordinator will submit to CTA/local league bookkeeper to issue payments to
qualified players/captains and refund checks are issued.
5. At the conclusion of each of your “Winter,” “Spring/Summer,” and “Fall” league program
seasons, local CTA/local league will submit an Invoice to the Maryland District for
reimbursement of the amounts it has refunded to league players in that season (sample
attached). Upon receipt, the Maryland District will review and approve for payment to the
CTA/local league; and if the District identifies any discrepancies between the Maryland District
records and CTA’s/local league, we will promptly identify them to area league coordinator for
reconciliation. Invoices must be received within 3 weeks of the end of the league season.
In all cases, the amount for which the CTA/local league will seek reimbursement from Maryland
District is equivalent to the sum of the District fee imposed upon each player for each specific
league for which reimbursements are made.
7. Local league fees are refunded to league players by the CTA/local league sponsor.
TennisLink convenience fees and the MAS per-player fees are never reimbursable to the player;
and are never reimbursed by the CTA/local league to the player nor reimbursable by the
Maryland District to the CTA/local league. The only exception to this is that the Section league
fee will be refunded by the Section if a league fails to materialize.
The Maryland District deletes players from rosters in TennisLink and retains player deletion
forms for the District audit for the year in question.
Created: January 2010
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