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Summary 4
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Adjectives/ adverbs
Singular/ plural
Resistance antibiotic and antimicrobial is a threat growing that is seriously not taken into
consideration. Infections untreatable could become the cause of numerous death and it could affect
eventually the quality of our health systems.
Generally speaking, developing new antibiotics is not a business profitable for the pharmaceutical
industry and we are facing a “discovery void” “since no new classes of antibiotics have been
developed since 1987”.
Therefore, experts are urging politicians to act on local and international scales. There is a need for
collaborative researches and private-public partnership in order to boost pharmaceuticals
Besides, measures have to be implemented in order to raise consciousness among health
professional and patient about the risk and advantage of prescription antibiotic. “We are going to
have to up our education, so that the doctors and nurses and vets who prescribe antibiotics to it
knowing the risk and advantages”