Chapter 11
Antibiotics and Resistance
Study guide
Define the following terms:
Broad spectrum
Narrow spectrum
Super infection
Explain the principle of selective toxicity.
Are antibiotics effective against viral infections?
List the five mechanisms by which antimicrobial drugs affect the growth of pathogens.
Discuss safety concerns and side effects to consider when prescribing antimicrobial drugs.
How do bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?
Discuss how humans misuse antibiotics which lead to antibiotic resistant populations.
List the 6 mechanisms of microbial resistance:
Define synergism and antagonism
Explain why the following statements are either true or false:
If you use to many antibiotics you may become immune to them.
The antibiotic methicillin is resistant to Staphylococcus aureus.
Understand and be able to interpret results from an antibiotic susceptibility test.