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Health Professions Scholarships
Information for students
Alpha Epsilon Delta Scholarships
Alliance/Merck Ciencia Hispanic Scholars
Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship
Assoc for Women in Science Education
Foundation Scholarships for women
undergraduates and graduates in STEM
For Latino/Latina undergraduate students
pursuing a degree in science, technology,
engineering or mathematics (STEM). A
one-time scholarship of $2000 is given
(there is a separate high school student
competition limited to certain localities).
Information from Army
Information from Navy
Information from Air Force
Information from the Veterinary Corps
Separate competitions for:
a) Female graduate students enrolled
in life or physical science or
engineering leading to a PhD
degree, and
b) Female undergraduates in their
first, second, or third year of
college who expect to major in
science or a related field.
Chinese American Medical Society Scholarship
and Summer Research Fellowship Programs
Daughters of the American Revolution National
Golden Key National Honor Society National
Scholarships are awarded only to
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate
National Health Service Corps Program
National Italian American Foundation
National Medical Fellowships Program
These scholarships are currently only
offered to undergraduate students
transferring from a two-year to a four-year
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Scholarships (
NOAA Ernest Hollings Scholarship Program
Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New
Americans (
UNCF Merck Science Research Scholarship
Wellesley College’s M.A. Cartland Shackford
Medical Fellowships
Whitaker Foundation International Fellowships
The Hollings Scholarship Program
provides successful undergraduate
applicants with awards that include
academic assistance (up to a maximum
of $8000 per year) for full time study
during the 9-momth academic year; a 10week, full-time internship position
($650/week) during the summer at a
NOAA facility, and if reappointed,
academic assistance for a second 9month academic year.
The purpose of these fellowships is to
provide opportunities for continuing
generations of able and accomplished
New Americans to achieve leadership in
their chosen fields. The program is
established in recognition fo the
contributions New Americans have made
to American and in gratitude for the
opportunities the US has afforded the
donors and their families.
These awards were established to help
African American undergraduate students
who are interested in science to further
their science education and potentially
pursue science careers.
Applicants need not be Wellesley
graduates and should be interested in
studying medicine with a view towards
general practice (excluding psychiatry).
Fellowships should have a BS or MS in
biomedical engineering (BME). Because
some institutions do not offer biomedical
engineering or its equivalent as a degree
program, exceptions may be made based
on a demonstrated commitment to the
field of BME through significant
coursework, research, laboratory or work
Wendy Loughlin (University of Maryland) and Emil Chuck (George Mason University) are to be
acknowledged for the entries on this list. One should consult financial aid officers at health
professional schools for more options.
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