POD 54: The area of a vegetable garden is 200 ft . The width is 10 ft

POD 54:
The area of a vegetable garden is 200 ft . The width is 10 ft. What’s the
length of the vegetable garden?
POD 55:
852 pounds of grapes were packed equally into 3 boxes for shipping.
How many pounds of grapes will there be in 2 boxes? Show ALL of
your work.
POD 56: Sandra bought 38 DVD movies for $874. Give an estimate of
the cost of each DVD movie.
POD 57:
Zenin’s baby sister weighed 132 ounces at birth. How much did his
sister weigh in pounds and ounces?
POD 58: 27 students are learning to make balloon animals. There are
172 balloons to be shared equally among the students. How many
balloons are left over after sharing them equally? If each student
needs 7 balloons, how many balloons are needed? Explain how you
POD 59:
Xavier goes to the store with $40.00. He spends
$38.60 on 13 bags of popcorn.
ABOUT how much does a bag of popcorn cost?
POD 60: 15 kilograms of rice are separated equally into 4 containers.
How many kilograms of rice are in each container? Express your
answer as a decimal and as a fraction.
POD 61: A Treat bag contains 5 chocolate kisses and 4
peppermint patties. What fraction of the candies in a Treat bag are
kisses? Mrs. Jefferson bought 9 of these bags. How many kisses did
she get?
POD 62: Brad weighs 177.25 pounds and Chris weighs 215.57 pounds.
They are planning to canoe down Holly Creek in a boat that can safely
carry 1,200 pounds. How many pounds of camping supplies can they
safely take?
POD 63: A sack contains 4 bags of cheese puffs, 3 bags
of corn chips, and 5 bags of potato chips. How
many bags are in the sack? What fraction of the
bags are potato chips? How many bags of corn
chips are in 6 sacks?
POD 64: Mr. Hopkins has a 1 meter wire he is using to make clocks.
Each fourth meter is marked off with 5 smaller equal lengths. If Mr.
Hopkins bends the wire at ¾ meter, what fraction of the marks is that?
POD 65: Mary cut four equivalent lengths of ribbon. Each was 5
eighths of a yard long. How many yards of fabric did she cut?
Express your answer as the sum of a whole number and the
remaining fractional units. Draw a number line to represent the
POD 66: Greg went to Fred's for lunch. He ordered
two Super Burgers for $2.98 each, a large
order of fries for $1.69, and a large drink
for $1.45. Tax on his order was 45 cents. He
gave the clerk a $10 bill. He received 4 coins
as his change. What coins did the clerk give Greg?
POD 67:
Alex squeezed 2 liters of juice for breakfast. If he pours the juice
equally into 5 glasses, how many liters of juice will be in each glass?
POD 68: Leslie has 1 liter of milk in her fridge to drink today. She
drank 2/5 liter of milk for breakfast and 1/2 liter of milk for dinner. How
many liters did Leslie drink during breakfast and dinner?
POD 69: Jamal used 1/3 of ribbon to tie a package and 1/6 yard of
ribbon to tie a bow. How many yards of ribbon did Jamal use? Draw a
POD 70: Carlos wants to practice piano 2 hours each day. He
practices piano for ¾ hour before school and 7/10 hour when he gets
home. How many hours has Carlos practiced piano? How much
longer does he need to practice before going to bed in order to meet
his goal?
POD 71:
A farmer uses 3/4 of his field to plant corn, 1/6 of his field to plant
beans , and the rest to plant wheat. What fraction of his crop is used
POD 72: Sandra says that 4 - 1 = 3
7 3 4
because all you have to do is subtract the numerators and subtract
the denominators.
Convince Sandra that she is wrong. Draw a rectangular
fraction model to help prove your answer.
POD 73: Jane found money in her pocket. She went to a convenience
store and spent 1/4 of her money on chocolate milk, 3/5 of her money
on a magazine, and the rest of her money on candy. What fraction of
her money did she spend on candy? Show how you get your answer.
POD 74: Gary says that 3 - 1 1 will
be more than 2, since 3 - 1 is 2. Draw a picture to PROVE that Gary is
POD 75: Hannah and her friend are training to run in a 2 mile race. On
Monday, Hannah runs 1/2 mile. On Tuesday, she runs 1/5 mile further
than she ran on Monday. How far did Hannah run on Tuesday? If her
friend ran
3/4 mile on Tuesday, how many miles did the girls run in all on
POD 76: Max’s reading assignment was to read 15 1/2 pages. After
reading 4 1/3 pages, he took a break. How many more pages does he
need to read to finish his assignment?
POD 77: Sam and Nathan are training for a race. Monday, Sam ran 2
3/4 miles, and Nathan ran 2 1/3 miles. How much farther did Sam run
than Nathan?
POD 78: Mark jogged 3 5/7 km. His sister jogged 2 4/5 km. How much
farther did Mark jog than his sister?
POD 79: The following line plot shows the growth of 10 bean plants
on their second week after sprouting. Answer a-d in complete
sentences. (The ruler is marked off in 1 inches)
a. What was the measurement of the shortest plant?
b. How many plants measure inches?
c. What is the measure of the tallest plant?
d. What is the difference between the longest and shortest
POD 80: The line plot shows the number of miles run by Noland in his
PE class last month, rounded to the nearest quarter mile.
Answer in complete sentences.
a. If Noland ran once a day, how many days did he run?
b. How many miles did Noland run altogether last month?
c. Look at the circled data point. The actual distance Noland ran that
day was at least ____mile and less than ____mile.
POD 81:
Carly and Gina read the following problem in their math class.
Seven cereal bars were shared equally by three children. How much
did each child receive? Carly and Gina solved the problem differently.
Carly gives each child 2 whole cereal bars and then divides the
remaining cereal bar between the 3 children. Gina divides all the
cereal bars into thirds and shares the thirds equally among the 3
children. Gina divides all the cereal bars into thirds and shares the
thirds equally among the 3 children.
A. Illustrate both girls’ solutions.
B. B. Explain why they are both right.