Paired Learning Community

FALL 2014
MW 2:00-3:15; 3:30-4:45
Paired together, these two Honors level courses, POS 2041H/PHI 2635H, will
provide advanced students with alternative learning activities and joint projects
involving topics examined from the unique perspectives of ethical dilemmas and
the political/legal/regulatory environment. Main topics will include:
Stem Cell; Genetics; & Cloning with discussion on robotics for prosthetics,
artificial intelligence and medical use of technology
Genetically Modified Foods
Alternative Medications/Research-Marijuana for medical treatment
Students of this learning community will also participate together in extracurricular activities such as organizing or moderating a campus forum, hosting a
small conference on a biomedical issue and a class at Conservation Park.
Students in both sections will also undergo special leadership training in
deliberative discussion forums, resulting in skills sought after by university
admissions officers and employers.
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