Chapter 6 Review True or false. Raw eggs, poultry, meat, and fish

Chapter 6 Review
1. True or false. Raw eggs, poultry, meat, and fish are often contaminated
with harmful bacteria.
2. For what groups of people do foodborne illnesses pose the greatest risk?
3. What are three microorganisms other than bacteria that can cause
foodborne illnesses?
4. List five guidelines for personal and kitchen cleanliness.
5. List four guidelines for preventing cross contamination when preparing
6. What are three characteristics you should look for in a restaurant when
dining out?
7. What are three guidelines for preventing kitchen accidents of any kind?
(not cross-contamination)
8. Does freezing temperatures kill all bacteria?
9. List and describe the 4 steps to food safety?
10. What causes most foodborne illness?
11. What is the temperature range known as the danger zone? P.121
12. What are parasites? How do you avoid them?
13. What are protozoa? Where are they found?
14. What are viruses? How can we avoid getting Hepatitis A?
15. What are examples of natural toxins? How can we avoid them?