BCC: (All of the students in your SI course) From: You CC: (SI Coach

BCC: (All of the students in your SI course)
From: You
CC: (SI Coach)
Subject line: Greetings From Your Supplemental Instruction Leader for (Insert course, ex: HIS
Hi everyone,
My name is (insert your first and last name here). I am your Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Leader for (insert course number, day and time here, ex: HIS 1150 on TR from 10:00-11:15). I
am excited to work with all of you this semester! My goal is help all of you to enjoy and succeed
in this class.
A little about me: I am an MSU Denver student, just like you. I have taken this course before and
passed it with a B or better. (Insert a sentence or two with some personal information here.)
Here’s a little bit about the Supplemental Instruction Program: SI was designed to help students
succeed academically by offering you a peer mentor. As an SI Leader, I will attend every class
period, listen to the same lectures and read the same material as you so I can help you. So, you
will see me every (insert days here, ex: Monday and Wednesday). If you need any help or have
any questions about the course or college in general, know that I will be here for you.
Outside of class, I will regularly hold SI sessions. During SI sessions, I will work with you and
your classmates to review class lectures, reading materials, and study guides. If you have any
other questions about college or MSU Denver, I can help you with that as well.
I hope this semester you will feel comfortable relying on me for help. I am available to talk with
your through email or in class.
I look forward to meeting you on the first day of class!
(Your name)
Supplemental Instruction Leader