Student Expectation The student is expected to describe the history

Student Expectation
The student is expected to describe the history and future of space exploration, including the
types of equipment and transportation needed for space travel.
During the 20th century, man was able to move beyond the limitations of space study
by telescope. Scientists sent men to the Moon, satellites into orbit around Earth, and
probes into the solar system.
The International Space Station began construction in 1998 while in Earth’s orbit, and it
is a facility for scientists to do space research and spacecraft testing.
The Moon is also a prospect for establishing a human base because of its proximity to
Earth. In the future, the Moon may be utilized as a station for transporting resources
and needed materials.
Fundamental Questions
What historical discoveries furthered mankind’s progress in the exploration of space?
How have specific exploration projects such as the Hubble telescope, the Apollo
Moon landing, and the variety of satellite probes contributed to scientists’
understanding of space?
What is the International Space Station and how is it significant in the advancement of
space exploration?
What future projects are projected for continued space exploration and space travel
in the coming decades of the 21st century?