Lug Track Executive Summary

Executive Summary and Company Overview
LugTrack, LLC (hereafter also referred to as “the company”), will provide intelligent, real-time
GPS tracking technology in applications for airline baggage handling, luggage manufacturers
and manufacturers / owners of firearms. Its products will provide both the traveling public and
owners of firearms with an individualized GPS tracking tool that offers enhanced location and
security data for an article of value, such as a checked bag, a piece of luggage, or a firearm.
The company is currently developing a cost-effective device comprised of a GPS tracking unit
that combines two separate tags: one provided to the user and one coupled to an object to be
tracked. The tags will be coupled with LugTrack’s GeoPerimeter™ transmitters that will provide
the user with real-time information relating to the location of the tagged items as follows:
Users can independently define and set the perimeter of operation. Tracking will use
existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites that can locate and monitor any remote
targets by SMS or GPRS.
Alarms immediately sent via text or email if object leaves perimeter.
This will significantly reduce the number of lost or stolen articles of value by creating an
“immediate” and high-quality tool to expedite location of valuables within a given
geographic perimeter.
LugTrack was awarded United States Patent # 8253557B2 on August 28, 2012, and the
company is currently refining its product offerings and in discussions with potential investors,
corporate partners, and others. Interested parties can request LugTrack’s business plan and
storyboard, which outline its planned growth in more detail.
The Opportunity
By introducing a personalized, cost-effective GPS tracking device that’s convenient for
individuals, LugTrack will be directly advancing the security of individual baggage and
possessions, as well as of our communities. Specifically, LugTrack will offer the following
For the Airline Industry — In 2011 alone, airlines mishandled 25.8 million bags. With the
average cost of locating and reuniting a mishandled bag being $100 (USD), the aggregate
losses came to $2.58 Billion that represents a lost profit opportunity of 33% — a tremendous
market for airlines to tap into, with the potential to provide a robust revenue stream.
By using a state-of-the-art product (GPS Tracking), the handling of bags will be enhanced by
the instantaneous knowledge of each bag’s location, thereby saving an inordinate amount of
time in locating and re-routing the lost item. Also, the connecting of the GPS-tracked bag to the
passenger’s boarding pass will improve security measures, by preventing any checked bag from
entering the plane’s cargo hold without a corresponding passenger boarding the plane.
For individual travelers and luggage companies — The company will also develop a similar
application for individual travelers, allowing them to track individual pieces of checked baggage
independently by utilizing a LugTrack GPS device. This will enable LugTrack to reach travelers
who may not have access to LugTrack via a participating airline, penetrating another portion of
the travel market. This presents a strong and lucrative opportunity, as, the travel goods
industry, of which luggage retailers are a major sector, is growing. In 2011, U.S. sales of travel
goods returned to pre-recession levels, with U.S. consumers spending an estimated $21.2
billion in 2011 on travel goods according to the Travel Goods Association.
For Firearms Owners — Following the recent school shooting in Newtown, CT, there has been
unprecedented support for innovative gun control and safety measures. It was recently reported
that the Obama Administration will issue a challenge to the private sector to develop innovative
and cost-effective gun safety technology and provide prizes for those technologies that are
proven to be reliable and effective in helping gun owners guard against unauthorized use.
LugTrack is well-poised to meet this need and opportunity. With the firearms industry’s “direct
economic impact” estimated at $13.6 billion by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in
2011, and tremendous public interest in gun control, this represents a timely and lucrative
market opportunity.
Leadership Team — The company will be led by Mike Allen, Dr. Nasser Ani, and Raja
Natarajan, who have decades of combined experience in all stages of starting, managing, and
growing a wide range of companies.
Mike Allen, President and CEO will oversee all areas of company operations, business
development, and strategic planning. Mr. Allen has extensive sales and business development
experience at a range of companies, having launched and expanded the business development
and sales efforts of numerous medical and technology firms. Mr. Allen has a B.S. Degree from
the University of Wisconsin and has completed additional studies at the Wharton School of
Mr. Natarajan, CTO, will oversee technology development and implementation. He has nearly
thirty years’ experience in all stages of implementing technology solutions at a diverse range of
companies, coupled with a MBA from Northwestern University.
Dr. Ani, the company’s Chairman, will provide ongoing oversight and strategic direction to all of
LugTrack’s operations. Dr. Ani has a MD degree from the American University of Beirut, and
completed post-doctoral studies at McGill University. Dr. Ani established the Ani Orthopedic
Group in Hazlet, NJ in 1990, a practice which has now grown to be multi-disciplinary, with three