Yes, I`d like to be a friend of the

Yes, I’d like to be a friend of the
Friends of the T.B. Scott Library
T.B. Scott Library
106 W. First Street
Merrill, WI 54452
Name _________________________________
Address ________________________________
City ___________________________________
Zip_______________ Date_________________
Telephone ______________________________
E-Mail _________________________________
Dues (Please check one.)
__ $5.00 Individual
__ $10.00 Family
__ $25.00 Patron
__ $50.00 Business
__ $100.00 Life Membership
Names of other family members:
Please complete form and make checks payable to:
Friends of the T.B. Scott Library
106 W. First Street, Merrill, WI 54452
You may also leave the form
at the circulation desk.
Thank you for supporting your library through the
Friends of T.B. Scott. Your membership is paid
through the year 2014.
An Invitation to Join
Friends of the
T.B. Scott Library
Do you want to be a part of
a vital organization
that supports the library?
What is the Friends organization?
The Friends of the T.B. Scott Library is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to
promote the use of the T.B. Scott
Library and appreciation of its
value as a cultural and educational asset of the community.
When you join the
Friends of the
T.B. Scott Library
there are many ways you can help.
Projects sponsored by the
Friends organization will be
funded through:
Annual membership fees
Book Sales
Special Fundraising Activities
Please check the areas
that might interest you.
 Book Sales
_____ Sorting books
_____ Helping at the sale
_____ Calling volunteers
Some activities
sponsored by the Friends:
When you become a Friend of the T.B.
Scott Library, you:
 Support your library as an asset in
your community.
 Receive the Friends Newsletter
 Vote at the annual meeting of the
Receive an invitation to an early “presale” for the Used Book Sales
 May attend the Marathon County
Library's Book Sale, Friends Night,
with proof of membership.
Book Sales
 Publicity
_____ Writing articles
Sell Library Book Bags
_____ Making posters
Regular Newsletter
_____ Distributing posters
Author Talks
_____ Help with mailings
Evening Programs
The Friends organization will carry out
its purpose by:
 Underwriting programs at the
library for the community
 Numerous decorations to all
areas of the library
 Staff appreciation projects
 Program Planning
_____ Serving on a committee
_____ Serving on the Board
The T.B. Scott Friends organization is affiliated with both the Friends of Libraries USA
(FOLUSA) and the Friends of Wisconsin Libraries (FOWL). These organizations assist
our local group by providing resources of information on planning and development.