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Multipurpose Fire Fighting Powder
Chemical Description
All fire fighting powders are based on non-toxic chemicals, namely sodium bicarbonate (foam
compatible), mono ammonium phosphate/ammonium sulphate (general purpose and sodium chloride.
In addition, Monnex fire fighting powder is based upon a reaction product of potassium carbonate and
urea, both of which are non-toxic. All powders contain small amounts of non-toxic flow promoting,
waterproofing and anti-caking agents.
These products are not known to present any serious hazards when handled according to proper
standards of industrial hygiene and safety. However, prolonged contact is not recommended and
suitable protective equipment should be used during handling.
Skin Contact
The powders are generally harmless but continual handling may cause drying out of the skin.
Protective gloves should therefore be worn. Any powder in the eyes should be washed away with
The inhalation of any solids, even if harmless from a toxicity point of view, should be avoided. Fire
fighting powders are extremely fine in composition and may easily be drawn into the nose, mouth and
throat to cause irritation with coughing and sneezing. This should be avoided by wearing a protective
mask to avoid inhalation where dust extraction is not available.
The material should not be swallowed although, if accidentally ingested, no lasting ill effects will be
caused. It is possible that some sickness or temporary discomfort could be observed. Medical advice
should be sort immediately.
Dependant on quantity of material involved, any spillage may be swept away (use dust mask
protection) or, ideally, damped slightly with water and then swept away. Small spillages conveniently
be washed away with water.
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