ICTFL Fund for the Future Scholarships Application

ICTFL Fund for the Future Scholarships
The Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ICTFL) will award 50% scholarships for the regular
registration costs of ICTFL events. These scholarships are available to teachers in first or second year of
teaching foreign languages in Illinois as verified by their immediate supervisors or for pre-service teachers in the
academic year in which they are student teaching as verified by their university supervisor. Applicants must be
members of ICTFL. An individual may only receive the award. The number of awards is limited to the proceeds
from the Fund for the Future.
Procedural details:
 Applications for the award will be based on the order in which they are mailed (postmark date).
 Applications will be available on-line.
 Applicants must pay the full registration fee to register and will be reimbursed at the conference
by the treasurer if they receive the award.
 The Executive Director may notify applicants of their likelihood to receive an award, if requested.
 The Executive Director and the Treasurer will approve the awards and notify awardees.
 The award may be given for any ICTFL registration event.
I am  a pre-service teacher, student teaching this academic year, and ICTFL member.
 a first- or second-year teacher and ICTFL member.
I am applying for a 50% scholarship for my registration for __________________________________.
_________________________________________ Zip: _________________________
I certify that I supervise the above individual and is in his her first or second year of foreign language teaching in
Illinois or is a pre-service teacher this academic year.
Name ____________________________________
Title ____________________________________
Signature _________________________________
Email: ___________________________________
Date: ____________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________
Submit application to:
For office
use only:
postmark date:
not awarded:
P. O. Box 64
Oglesby, IL 61348