VT BSU Leadership Questionnaire


BCM at VCU Leadership Application 2016-2017

Student leadership following the leadership of the Holy Spirit is key to an effective BCM ministry.

The Leadership Team is the catalyst for what happens in our BCM and is a serious commitment.

Therefore, please consider this matter prayerfully and answer the questions thoroughly. We’re praying for you as you pray through these opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is next year’s leadership team formed?

A: Tues, February 23 – Applications Due; Wed – Fri, February 24-26: Interviews

Tuesday, March 1 – Leaders presented to BCM

The leadership term goes from Spring Break through Spring Break next year.

Q: What is the time commitment involved?

A: Approximately 4 to 6 hours per week. You will have a weekly one-hour meeting with a BCM staff member, along with other duties in your area of responsibility. Date commitments: Leaders are required to attend Fall Gathering at Eagle Eyrie (October 28-30, 2016). There will also be a required leadership retreat in August.

Q: What leadership opportunities are available?

A: We would love to have leaders serving in any areas of BCM where they feel gifted and passionate. This could include (but is not limited to):


Service Projects

Student Missions

Tuesday Night Planning

Social Events

Freshman Ministry


Other areas you feel meet the mission of BCM and your gifts

Name: ______________________________________________

Phone: _______________

Major: __________________

Anticipated Date of Graduation: ______________

Overall GPA: _______ Last Semester GPA: _______

Credit Hours: ________ Anticipated Hours For Fall Semester: _________

Do you work? __________ If yes, where? _____________ # Hours/week: ___________

Do you plan to live on campus, off campus, or at home next year? _______________________

List other VCU campus organizations and activities in which you are involved:

Have you had past leadership experiences? (Examples: church, high school, college, etc.) Please list:

Do you think you can manage your time to show diligence in both leadership and your school work?



Local Church where you are involved: ___________________________________________

Please tell about when and how you first committed your life to Christ.

How have you grown in your faith or changed since coming to college?

Tell us about your gifts and passions.

Describe your present BCM involvement. What have you enjoyed most or received the most from?

In which area(s) of leadership do you feel more compatible and why? (Rank your areas of interest)

BCM Leadership Commitment Sheet

After observing and being a part of BCM, reading what is expected of me in leadership, and prayerfully considering my involvement, I commit to the following if selected for leadership for the

2016-2017 leadership team:

I am committed to pursue growing and maturing my relationship with God through quiet times, active attendance at Bible Study, attending a local church, and involvement in accountable relationships and discipleship.

I am committed to carefully making choices about my lifestyle that are Biblically directed, seeking a lifestyle that is “above reproach”, knowing that my lifestyle is a model for others as I represent Jesus Christ and the ministry that BCM seeks to be about in Christ’s name.

I will attend my weekly leadership meetings with staff and events I am responsible for.

I will support and uphold the staff and other leaders at BCM and the decisions they make, realizing I am a part of a collective body ministering for Christ.