BCM Powerpoint

Museum – The
Green Museum
By: Kevin Korb
Brooklyn Children’s Museum
 Established
in 1899
 Located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
 World’s first children’s museum
 Exhibits expose children to important
events in history and information about
the changing environment
Becoming New York’s First
Green Museum
After closing for renovation, BCM reopened
on September 20, 2008 and was named
NYC’s first green museum by the Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design
What it means to be Green
The LEED has
classified BCM as a
green museum
due to its
BCM’s Green Features:
Renewable and Recycled
Building Material
The museum’s infrastructure consists of
materials that were recycled or materials
that were made from renewable sources.
During construction, these types of materials
were utilized, whenever possible, in place of
the other not-so-environmentally-friendly
BCM’s Green Features:
Energy-Saving Sensors
 Carbon
Dioxide Sensors
 Daylight Sensors
 Occupancy Sensors
BCM’s Green Features:
Solar Energy
BCM makes use of
solar energy to
convert to electrical
power. This greatly
decreases energy
costs and it benefits
the environment since
solar energy does not
release pollutants and
is renewable.
Green Both Inside and Out
Exhibits throughout the museum
demonstrate the significance of
maintaining our environment. In addition,
workshops are offered to educators who
want to learn how to incorporate
environmental education into their