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Authorised Use
Relevant decisions
1174/11: Residential development
1399/14: Seven Houses
638/15: Seven Houses
R84/1028/14214/P: Erection of single storey rear extension – Approved
R00/0844/14214/P Installation of dormer window -Approved
Technical Consultations
Conservation Officer – Has advised that pitch of extension roof not in keeping with main roof of dwelling
but considering that property is modern and extension sited at the rear, proposal not harmful to the
conservation area.
Ecology – Recommend note highlighting the protected status of bats should the proposal affect roof
space. Site lies within 110m of Ecosite 36/48 (Monks Kirby Churchyard and Cemetery).
Third Party Consultations
Monks Kirby Parish Council – Support application.
Neighbours – No comments received.
Other relevant information
The property is a link detached two-storey dwelling located in the Local Needs Settlement of Monks
Kirby. The property is within the Monks Kirby conservation area.
Planning Policy Guidance
RBLP Policy GP1
RBLP Policy GP3
RBLP Policy H8
RBLP Policy H22
RBLP Policy E10
Design and appearance of development
Protection of amenity
Residential extensions
Extensions to houses in the countryside and local needs
Development in conservation areas.
Determining Considerations
The main issues concerning this application are the impacts of the single storey rear extension upon
visual and residential amenity, the conservation area and the range and type of dwelling stock available
in the countryside and Local Needs Settlements.
GP1, H8, E10
The property is relatively modern and has had a conservatory, utility room and sizable rear dormer
window added to the dwelling over the years (see history). The proposed extension is generally in
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keeping with the dwelling and would not appear incongrous or be harmful to the appearance of the
streetscene, conservation area or visual amenities of the locality.
An amendment was sought to increase the pitch of the extension roof by increasing the height of the
extension and lowering the eaves, however the height of the extension is restricted by the window above
and it is understood from the agent that by lowering the eaves would result in poor weathering detail at
the junction with the existing utility room. Although the pitch of the roof has not been increased,
considering the age of the property and that the utility room has a flat roof and a modern conservatory is
present, it is not felt that the extension would be harmful to the conservation area.
The amended plans have included an alternative window design. The windows in the extension are now
more in keeping with the other windows of the property and respect the character of the dwelling more.
GP3, H8
The proposed extension is distanced sufficiently away from neighbouring properties to impact upon
habitable rooms and cause harm to residential amenity. 1.8 metre fencing is present on the North
Western boundary which helps screen the proposal from no. 4, and planting is also present on the
boundary shared with no. 8 to screen the proposal further from this property as well. Considering the
size and siting of the extension and with regard to the boundary screening present, the proposal is not
harmful to residential amenity.
The original dwelling has a volume of approximately 567 cubic metres. A conservatory, rear dormer and
utility room extension have been added to the property The proposed extension would amount to 29
cubic metres, but with consideration to the previous additions to the property, the total amount of
additions would equate to approximately 113 cubic metres. This represents an increase of around 20%
of the volume of the original dwelling, and the extension is considered therefore to be in proportion and
would not adversely affect the range and type of dwelling stock available in the Local Needs Settlement.
It is noted that a pergola is present in the rear garden. Although such structures have been held to
occupy volume in terms of Permitted Development provisions, the sides and top of the pergola are
significantly open and the pergola is not considered to be an addition to the dwelling. Considering that
the pergola is not habitable or usable space as such, and that the price of these structures would not
significantly alter the sale price of the dwelling, the pergola is not considered to be an enlargement under
Overall, the scale and design of the proposal is in keeping with the dwelling and conservation area and
would not be detrimental to the amenities of neighbouring properties.
The proposal is recommended for approval subject to a condition requesting matching materials.
Prepared by: M Needham 25/10/2007
Checked by: signed on hard copy
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