pickens & pinckney wastewater & stormwater improvements

EARTHWORKS was retained by the City of Myrtle Beach to analyze and develop
recommendations for improvements to the sanitary sewer and drainage systems
supporting an area of the Pine Lakes Community in the Ocean Forest Section of Myrtle
Beach. The area of interest is a developed section located between Pickens and
Pinckney Streets. The area was originally developed in the 1940’s with a bridle path that
ran along the rear of the properties leading to the horse stables that were developed with
the subdivision. This bridle path was utilized for sanitary and stormwater utilities to
support the residential neighborhood. The bridle path was eventually closed and the
land deeded over to the individual property owners. As such, the City of Myrtle Beach
has no easements or rights to maintain the utilities.
The sanitary system installed in the late 1950’s is comprised of plain end vitrified clay
pipe. The system has proven problematic in recent years. As such the City desired
replacement of the system and upgrade of the adjacent stormwater system which due to
neglect has created nuisance flooding in the upper reaches of the neighborhood. EW
utilized field survey data to model the stormwater conditions and develop
recommendations for sanitary sewer and stormwater improvements. EW prepared
preliminary construction documents and presided over public meetings with the property
owners to obtain a consensus to proceed with construction.