Introductory Presentation

Rethink Runoff!
A cross curricular design competition for Year 10
Introductory Presentation
Georges River Environmental Education Centre
What is Rethink Runoff?
 A stormwater design
competition for Year 10
 When?
 8 or 9 September; or
 2 or 3 November, 2014
 Time?
 8.30am until 3.30pm
The design brief
To develop a concept (theme/marketing pitch) for a best
practice storm water management design that is multifunctional
in that it draws attention to the use and management of storm
water in an educational, sustainable and creative manner.
Grand Flaneur Beach, Chipping Norton
Your design will
• Incorporate ideas on how
to better manage the
stormwater flow into
Chipping Norton Lake
Your design will
• Promote behaviour
change to reduce the
stormwater impact
on our environment
What will I be doing at the workshop?
 Working as an urban
planning team to redesign
the stormwater pipes at
Grand Flaneur Beach into an
ascetically pleasing and
sustainable rainwater
management system
What will I be doing at the workshop?
 Visiting the proposed
development site to
undertake a SWOT
What will I be doing at the workshop?
 Calling attention to the
use and management of
stormwater whilst
educating and bringing
enjoyment to visitors
What will I be doing at the workshop?
 Making a scale model of
one element/object in
your team’s plan
What will I be doing at the workshop?
 Deliver a 5 minute
presentation of your
team’s ideas to display
 plan
 models
 concept for the site
Before the workshop day
 Look at the suggested
websites and complete
the suggested pre
reading tasks
Before the workshop day
 Familiarise yourselves
with the photographic
Powerpoint of Grand
Flaneur Beach
Before the workshop day
 Collaborate with your team to think about how you
will market/pitch your design
Before the workshop day
 Look at examples of
stormwater projects in
the Interesting Ideas
section of the project
Skills you will learn
 Collaboration and communication
Skills you will learn
 Scale drawing, model making, using ICT
Skills you will learn
 Sustainable design features and the importance of
adopting sustainable lifestyles
Skills you will learn
 Presentation techniques
Where are we?
 Georges River
Education Centre,
(Adjacent to Chipping
Norton Public School),
Central Avenue,
Chipping Norton
Georges River EEC
What do I need to bring?
 Please wear your school uniform including closed
 Any medication you may need (eg asthma inhaler)
 Morning tea is provided. Please bring your own lunch
as there are no shops nearby
Judging criteria
 The overall design concept for the site (30%)
 The degree to which the concept encourages people
to adopt a more sustainable attitude towards
stormwater (50%)
 The team presentation (including good
communication techniques and whole team
involvement) (20%)